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Farm holiday
La Volpaia Passignano Sul Trasimeno

FARMHOUSE TRASIMENO LAKE - FARM HOLIDAYS IN UMBRIA The Agriturismo "La Volpaia", only 1 km away from Passignano sul Trasimeno, is immersed in the splendid nature of Umbria.Is on the hillside ...

Perugia - Umbria

Farm holiday
Il Cantico della Natura Magione

The Agricultural firm and Farmhouse , "Il cantico della natura", is situated on the green umbre hills with a splendid view on the Lake Trasimeno, 450 ms. above sea level, ...

Perugia - Umbria

Farm holiday
La Volpe e l' uva Perugia

Spend your holidays in the heart of Umbria, in the countryside, just 4 km from the historic center of Perugia. You can stay in one of our lovely apartments recently renovated and relax ...

Perugia - Umbria

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Caves in Umbria
Perugia - Assisi

 In Umbria are counted more than 600 caves, about thirty of these are open partially or completely, if properly guided, even by the first caving experience. The show is always unique, galleries, large or small rooms characterized by the presence of many concretions, stalactites, stalagmites, columns, and sails. . Each ...
Canyoning (Canyoning) in Umbria
Perugia - Assisi

 The canyoning is an excursion on foot aquatic and swimming in the deep canyons and gorges crossed by small streams: pure fun for water lovers and emotion. The descent involves, according to the characteristics of the path, jumps and slides of rocks in natural pools and possibly the use of ...
Monte Cucco park
Perugia - Costacciaro

The park includes the mountain range of Monte Cucco (1566 m elevation), rich in important archaeological remains of dwellings and fossils. The Rio Freddo and Fucecchie gorges are not be be missed. Numerous subterranean phenomena (waterways and caverns) are present, including the Grotta del Monte Cucco (about 1,000 m deep) ...
Trasimeno park
Perugia - Castiglione Del Lago

The lake has a surface area of 128 sq km, and while it is not deep it is full of fish. For a region like Umbria, which has no seaside, this lake is held in high regard. The park includes the lake, its three islands, and the towns along the ...
Monte Subasio park
Perugia - Assisi

Monte Subasio, at 1290 metres, characterises and dominates, like a guardian, the splendid valley (a mystic centre par excellence), the high points of Civitelle, Sermolla, Colle San Rufino and Pietralunga, as well as the Tescio river and Chiona stream, all of which lie along the boundaries of the park (the ...
Colfiorito park
Perugia - Foligno

On the Colfiorito high plain, a soft, green break in the harsh, steep landscape of this section of the Umbrian-Marchese Apennines, there is the so-called Colfiorito oasis. The Ramsar Convention declared this area of international interest for both its marshes rich in plant and animal species (including characteristic peat) and ...
Riverside park of the Tiber
Terni - Alviano

The Tiber river flows through history and nature: its waters lead us to the slopes of the hills of Todi, to the Forello gorge near Prodo and Titignano, to Corbara lake and to Alviano, an important site for bird-life and a WWF nature oasis. Marvelous intact woods and impressive Umbran, ...
Isola Polvese scientific-didactic park
Perugia - Castiglione Del Lago

Within the protected are of Trasimeno lake, Polvese island is host to an interesting didactic centre. It is well-equipped from a technologic point of view, as an aid to environmental education especially for school-age children. Upon request, it is possible to visit the aquatic park garden. ...
Riverside park of the Nera
Terni - Terni

This more than 2000-hectare park, of which about one-tenth has been “de-chemicalised” (or organic), is rich in water: in addition to the Nera river and Piediluco lake, there is the Velino river which forms the famous delle Marmore falls, with a drop of 165 metres. Among the dense woods and ...
Farm holiday
Cigliano Gubbio

13 ha. Farm Property of Giovanni De Agazio Altitude: 519 m. - Sleeping arrangements: 18 beds 5 bathrooms - 2 kitchens - 1 dining-room - ample space for ...

Perugia - Umbria
Farm holiday
La Casina Bassa Castiglione Del Lago

Situated on the hill at the border between Umbria and Tuscany, 10 Km from Trasimeno lake," LA CASINA BASSA " is an old farm-house, surrounded by centuries old trees, which ...

Perugia - Umbria
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