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Farm holiday
Il Grande Prato Castelfiorentino

Il Grande Prato is a big and old farm-house in the middle of the Tuscany countryside : The Chiantishire, the Valdelsa, Firenze, siena,Pisa San Giminiano and the Etrurian sites surround ...

Florence - Tuscany

Holiday house
Arezzo Resort Arezzo

Completely renovated in compliance with the original forms of traditional Tuscan style, Arezzo Resort is an old farmhouse which stands in a scenic location just 3 km from the city ...

Arezzo - Tuscany

Holiday house
Villa Olena Reggello

The “Villa Olena” holiday house is an old farmhouse whose origins date back to the 15th century. It was the first house built in the village of Cascia along the ...

Florence - Tuscany

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Beauty farm Siena
Siena - Chianciano Terme

 Beauty farm located in a unique landscape in the world, the harmony of its forms and its colors, allows not only to exploit as a source of natural beneficial properties of its waters, known since the Etruscan age, but also touch a thousand-year cultural and artistic heritage. The path through ...
Beauty Farm Spa in Bagni di Lucca
Lucca - Bagni Di Lucca

 The resort, nestled between the mountains of Tuscany is the confluence of the River Lima and the river Serchio. Here are the Great Cave and the Cave Pauline, two jewels of nature steam spa, where you run programs and treatments combined with the ancient thermal values​​. google translate ...
Spa hotels in Lucca
Lucca - Lucca

  The waters of the Wellness Center of Lucca, in Tuscany are hyperthermal (39 ° -54 °) and flow from source 53. Are very effective treatments offered in natural steam caves. There are various modern treatments made ​​with oil, to gain or maintain physical well-being. The long and fine tradition ...
Spa in Tuscany
Siena - Castiglione D'Orcia

 Among the forested volcanic cone of Mount Amiata, dotted with forests of chestnut and beech trees, and hills of the Val D'Orcia, is the thermal center of S. Philip, a stunning backdrop of the most beautiful and unspoilt of Tuscany. Spa treatments are performed in the face and body, massages, ...
Chianciano Spa
Siena - Chianciano Terme

 The Chianciano Spa, nowadays among the most successful accredited spas, have brought this town of Siena to be a center of great tourist attraction. This happened to the famous slogan: "Chianciano healthy liver", which allowed for the entire first half of the twentieth century, the town to have a major ...
Casciana Spa in Tuscany
Pisa - Casciana Terme

 Surely Casciana Spa in Tuscany have a curious feature represented by the fact that they are in the main square of this friendly town. Only in the second half of the eighteenth century it came to 'unification into a single tank of the existing two (one for women and one ...
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Firenze - Impruneta

 A few kilometers from the capital of Tuscany, easily reachable with the fitting of the Firenze - Siena Falciani arise in the locality, municipality of Impruneta, the Baths of Falciani, which consist of a large spa complex, with the cold waters rich with minerals-sulfur minerals. Related diseases are those of ...
Gambassi Spa
Firenze - Gambassi Terme

 The establishment of the baths of Gambassi is open from April to October. The story of the local thermal baths has a 'curious origin of the famous water of Pillo, in the municipality of Florence, it is a' water containing sodium bicarbonate-alkaline-sodicosolfato, good to treat a myriad of diseases, including ...
Montecatini Spa
Pistoia - Montecatini Terme

 The thermal baths of Montecatini are the symbol and the very life of the town of Pistoia, their waters are well known worldwide for their healing properties they own. Spas around the rapid development which soon led to the construction of large hotels on beautiful lined avenues, immersed in the ...
Baths of S. Julian
Pisa - San Giuliano Terme

 The famous springs of San Giuliano have always been the subject of arguments between the countries and cities close to the 'hoarding of this natural wealth. Completely destroyed in the fifteenth century, the spa facilities remained unused for a long time and only with the advent of Doctors (that favored ...
Saturnia Spa
Grosseto - Manciano

Tuscany is the region with thermal waters, having a real underground chemist for the healing of all ailments, from sore stomach, liver trouble, from stones to rheumatism, from 'arthritis to sore throats ! To appreciate the qualities that were historically by the Etruscans did it finds it sees heavy use. ...
Baths of Olive Grove
Pisa - Vicopisano

 The ancient Baths of Uliveto are marked by 'water, well known for its use at a distance through bottling. Olive Grove Spa is a small country surrounded by the green hills of Tuscany where the olive tree reigns, and owes its history and its development mainly to the Source of ...
Relaxing holidays in a beauty farm Siena
Siena - Siena

 In Siena, in the spa, you can perform three different sensory pathways, specifically designed to solve specific problems. The first path is indicated for anxiety, panic attacks and the stimulation of the immune system and consists of salt shower, sauna, grotto energy ... The color baths conclude the second path, ...
Stop at a spa in Tuscany
Grosseto - Manciano

 The frenzied pace of daily life, the inhospitable climate of the north of our country, and northern Europe, with their interminable winters, the psychological stress that often accompanies the physical fatigue, nutrition, now consists almost overwhelmingly by meals fast or frozen foods, have raised awareness in the population that must ...
Recharge your batteries at Grotta Giusti in Tuscany
Pistoia - Monsummano Terme

 In Tuscany, a city rich in art and culture, in Monsummano, there is a natural masterpiece, the Grotta Giusti. The ancient cave, beautiful and intact, contained carbon in the rocks, extending for more than two hundred meters below, creating underground labyrinths, decorated with stalactites and stalagmites and spacious caverns. On ...
Beauty Farm Holidays in Pisa
Pisa - Casciana Terme

 The tradition and reputation of the Baths of Tuscany has grown through the centuries, from ancient Roman Thermae, the prestigious establishments "de la fin de siècle", to modern entertainment, sport and subsistence. A tradition that the weather has improved and embellished. Casciana Spa stands out from the baths of Tuscany ...
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Firenze - Firenze

Essential oils, cosmetics, detergents, supplements and detox: Aloe Vera is a real treasure for the care of body and skin. Called the plant of immortality in ancient Egypt, Aloe Vera has been used by man for over 4000 years because of its beneficial properties. Classified as an adaptogen food by the Ministry ...
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Firenze - Scandicci

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Farm holiday
La Torricella Pistoia

 Agriturismo La Torricella is 5 km from the center of Pistoia, a city that is characterized in the region of Tuscany for the beauty of its territory, of the great ...

Pistoia - Tuscany
Farm holiday
Santa Maria a Poneta Barberino Val D'Elsa

The small, long-abandoned enclave of Poneta has been given new life to become a pleasant country residence for demanding guests who love nature, culture and the good life, and ...

Florence - Tuscany
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