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Farm holiday
Cigliano Gubbio

13 ha. Farm Property of Giovanni De Agazio Altitude: 519 m. - Sleeping arrangements: 18 beds 5 bathrooms - 2 kitchens - 1 dining-room - ample space for ...

Perugia - Umbria

Farm holiday
La Volpe e l' uva Perugia

Spend your holidays in the heart of Umbria, in the countryside, just 4 km from the historic center of Perugia. You can stay in one of our lovely apartments recently renovated and relax ...

Perugia - Umbria

Farm holiday
Il Cantico della Natura Magione

The Agricultural firm and Farmhouse , "Il cantico della natura", is situated on the green umbre hills with a splendid view on the Lake Trasimeno, 450 ms. above sea level, ...

Perugia - Umbria

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Wines of Umbria
Terni - Orvieto

 Umbria is a region of considerable interest for the cultivation of the vine and three wines in particular are well established in the Italian: Torgiano White, Red and Torgiano Sagrantino di Montefalco. Among the most important and ancient wine centers in the region, reported Torgiano and Castle Gryphon. The most ...
‘Bruschetta’ with truffles
Perugia - Perugia

The noble variations of the this typical and simple Italian dish are Umbrian PDO extra virgin olive oil and famous black truffles from Norcia. ...
‘Ghiotta’ sauce
Terni - Terni

A sauce to accompany roasted meat (especially game), it is made with chicken livers, wine, vinegar, oil, ham, lemon, sage, rosemary, garlic, juniper berries, salt and pepper. ...
Umbrian sauce
Perugia - Perugia

A tasty sauce for roasted meat, especially fish. Anchovies are chopped up and mixed with sautéed garlic and rosemary. Before serving, add some capers in vinegar. ...
Perugia - Perugia

This simple but tasty bean soup gets its extra flavour from special pieces of pork used in the starting sauté. ...
‘STRINGOZZI’ with black truffles
Perugia - Norcia

‘Strangozzi’ or ‘ceriole’ are typical Umbrian spaghetti. They can be made with various spices or aromatic ingredients, and of course one of these is the black Umbrian truffle. After cooking, they are particularly delicious when dressed with Umbrian PDO extra virgin olive oil and black truffles from Norcia. ...
Umbria biscuits
Perugia - Perugia

This is the version of the typical Umbrian nooks or biscuits cut in central Italy, made ​​of sugar and eggs and flavored with toasted almonds, flavored with liquor and then vanilla. Excellent after a meal, with sweet wine. ...
Trout with Cascia truffles
Perugia - Cascia

Real stream trout, the queen of fresh water, is an excellent fish with delicious, lean and never tough meat. It is common knowledge that most of the trout on the market (iridea and salmon trout) come from fish farms; but few people know that the real stream trout (trota fario), ...
Terni - Terni

This is a particular type of pasta: very long spaghetti made by hand using a special iron. An old custom in the Terni area was to sprinkle poplar stumps with the cooking water from the pasta because it was believed that this would encourage poplar mushrooms (“pioppini”) to regrow. ...
Guinea-hen alla Leccarda
Perugia - Perugia

A delicious Umbrian main course, this dish is particular for the sauce made from chicken livers, herbs and white wine which, added to the cooking juices from the guinea-hen, is used to flavour the fowl before serving. ...
Pasta and chickpeas
Terni - Narni

A so-called ‘poor man’s dish’ (but not poor in flavour), it is based on chickpeas and short pasta (if possible, homemade). The secret lies in the chopped ham fat which gives a special flavour to the onion sauté. The dish is topped off with Umbrian PDO extra virgin olive oil. ...
‘Penne’ pasta with perch
Perugia - Perugia

This delicious, yet little-known fresh-water fish is typically caught in Trasimeno lake and then carefully prepared in the many restaurants along its shores. It makes a tasty addition to pasta, but it is also very good as a main course. ...
Perugia - Perugia

 The particular type of cooking called "pork" is traditionally used for the preparation of the pig; Here, with many variations, is applied to the chicken. Contribute to flavor the meat of the bird (less tasty than the pork) bacon, liver, rosemary, fennel and garlic .. google translate ...
‘Pampepato’ (also called ‘Pan Pepato’)
Terni - Terni

Traditional baked sweet from the area of Terni for the Christmas season, it is a mixture of flour and other ingredients together with dried fruit, honey, candied fruits and spices, including a bit of pepper as indicated by its name (pepe meaning ‘pepper’). ...
Pecorino cheese with truffles
Perugia - Perugia

The meeting of two typical Umbrian flavours, this delicious and aromatic cheese should be tasted with a good, local red wine. ...
Terni - Terni

Little sweets similar to ‘amaretti’ for after dinner or to enjoy with coffee. ...
Exhibition of black truffle and typical products
Perugia - ​ Norcia

  The last weekend of February and the first weekend of March, the Exhibition is held in the center of Norcia. It takes place over fifty years, with exhibitions, shows, exhibitions and events of all kinds. Typical review of Valnerina for the development of the area, rich in agricultural and ...
Farm holiday
La Casina Bassa Castiglione Del Lago

Situated on the hill at the border between Umbria and Tuscany, 10 Km from Trasimeno lake," LA CASINA BASSA " is an old farm-house, surrounded by centuries old trees, which ...

Perugia - Umbria
Farm holiday
La Volpaia Passignano Sul Trasimeno

FARMHOUSE TRASIMENO LAKE - FARM HOLIDAYS IN UMBRIA The Agriturismo "La Volpaia", only 1 km away from Passignano sul Trasimeno, is immersed in the splendid nature of Umbria.Is on the hillside ...

Perugia - Umbria
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