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Holiday house
Il Leone e la Farfalla Capannori

This vacation house is situated in the outskirts of Lucca. It has been completely restructed and finished in 2006. It offers maximum confort with private parking, large garden with a ...

Lucca - Tuscany

Farm holiday
Podere Albereto Greve In Chianti

Villa Albereto is situated at 13 km from Florence, facing the valley that appears  on San Pole in Chianti, surrounded by forests, olive trees and vineyards, with three hundred meters ...

Florence - Tuscany

Locanda Sant' Agata San Giuliano Terme

 The Sant'Agata Inn is family run, and was restored, modernized, however, taking care to leave intact its origins. The house and 'natural surroundings typical Tuscany, near San Giuliano Terme, which ...

Pisa - Tuscany

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Typical cuisine of Pistoia
Pistoia - Pistoia

 The kitchen of Pistoia tends to make all the "available" in the pantry. The most popular dishes in Pistoia are fettunta, the pork in oil, croutons spleen, blacks croutons (chicken offal). The kitchen of Pistoia must not forget either the soup of bread to Pistoia, the alloys with the porridge, ...
Firenze - Firenze

This poorman’s dish is a type of bread soup made from leftover vegetables boiled with stale bread and dressed with good olive oil. Essential ingredients for ribollita are beans and black cabbage. Ribollita is prepared by boiling beans and then making a puree from part of them. To this puree, you ...
Pistoia - Lamporecchio

From Lamporecchio, in the Pistoia region, these sweets are round, yellow wafers delicately flavoured with anice and made with eggs and sugar and cooked on a special grill. Artusi calls them the sweet, or better yet, the special amusement of Tuscany. And his definition could not be more precise. Brigidini ...
Maccheroni co' l'ocio
Arezzo - Arezzo

Maccheroni co’ l’ocio is the most famous dish from Arezzo. Maccheroni co' l'ocio means ‘maccheroni with white goose’; this farmyard animal provided abundant meat during periods when it was not advisable to slaughter pigs. The dish is prepared by cooking pieces of meat without any additional fat since goose meat ...
Pistoia - Pistoia

Carcerato, typical dish of Pistoia, is the most significant if not original Pistoiese contribution to Tuscan cuisine. Carcerato is a very old and flavourful recipe prepared by slowly boiling the inners and so-called secondary pieces of beef, such as the tail, hooves and head. Carrots, onions, celery and tomato add ...
Siena - Siena

Panforte, the famous Sienese sweet, is found throughout Italy, especially during the Christmas holidays. It is made of various ingredients and flavours, knowledgeably combined and set on a thin wafer base. Panforte is the best known of the Sienese spiced cakes, a gastronomic symbol of the city. The origins of this ...
Firenze - Firenze

Panzanella is a delicious, cool, typically Tuscan dish. In particular, this is a summer-time dish based on simple ingredients and what is available. The first rule for panzanella is that it can only be made with D.O.C. Tuscan bread. The bread is soaked in water, crumbled and squeezed until the ...
Lucca - Lucca

Strozzapreti are a type of rustic pasta, dried naturally on special wood racks at 36 °C for at least 40 hours, and sometimes for as long as 60 hours. The pasta is drawn out using bronze plates, giving the rustic strozzapreti made of durum wheat their characteristic roughness, an easily ...
Tortelli maremmani
Grosseto - Grosseto

Tortelli maremmani, compared to normal ravioli or tortelli filled with ricotta and spinaci, also include chard in equal amounts with the spinaci. Sometimes nettle substitutes the chard. Tradition requires that tortelli maremmani be made exclusively by hand. This speciality from the Maremma area is served with plenty of meat sauce made ...
Livorno - Livorno

Cacciucco is the famous fish soup of Leghorn. “Poor” fish are mixed with “noble” fish (variety and abundance are obligatory), along with molluscs and crustaceans. Generally, relatively small fish are used to make cacciucco, for example rock fish and gurnard, as well as smooth hound fish, rock octopus, cuttlefish and ...
Casa con Bellavista San Casciano In Val Di Pesa

 Casa con Bella Vista is situated on Chianti hill at 315 mt. a.s.l. between San Casciano Val di Pesa and Greve in Chianti. Our position is strategic as it is ...

Florence - Tuscany
Farm holiday
La Torricella Pistoia

 Agriturismo La Torricella is 5 km from the center of Pistoia, a city that is characterized in the region of Tuscany for the beauty of its territory, of the great ...

Pistoia - Tuscany
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