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Farm holiday
Popolano di Sotto Marradi

In the green of the Tuscany, situated on a gentle slope, lies the Agriturismo "Popolano di Sotto. Guests can enjoy the 'hospitality of a true "peasant Podere" with newly renovated ...

Florence - Tuscany

Farm holiday
Podere del Leone Scandicci

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Florence - Tuscany

Bed and Breakfast
I Glicini Montemurlo

The I Glicini bed & breakfast is located in a completely restored, typical, 17th-century Tuscan farmhouse, furnished in style and offering modern conveniences. Here, you’ll find a friendly and ...

Prato - Tuscany

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Roselle Archaeological Area
Grosseto - Grosseto

In the Roselle Archaeological Area near Grosseto, it is possible to admire the squared, 3-kilometre long stone wall complete with seven portals, presumably built in various epochs, that surrounds the ancient town. In the northern portion of the archaeological area, there are the remains of a Roman amphitheatre, attributable to the ...
Art and Culture in Livorno
Livorno - Livorno

 In the hometown of Mascagni, Fattori, Modigliani, Caproni, there are many suggestions that the sights, sounds, colors can inspire in visitors of Livorno. For art lovers, memorable places in Livorno will be particularly intense.First, the Civic Museum "Giovanni Fattori", where works by painters from Tuscany and temporary exhibitions. We also ...
Medieval villages in Livorno
Livorno - Piombino

 Lying on the hills overlooking the sea, or immersed in the countryside, the medieval villages of the Etruscan Coast have ancient historical and cultural traditions.In the province of Livorno, Castagneto Carducci, Bolgheri, Suvereto, Campiglia Marittima, Bibbona Sassetta Rosignano Marittimo Piombino Populonia and still retain the testimony of a rich history ...
Medici Chapels
Firenze - Firenze

The Medici Chapels are one of the greatest expressions of Renaissance sculpture and architecture and make up a part of the Mediceo-Laurenziano complex, thus named because it came under Medici sponsorship in the 15th century. Michelangelo’s intent was to dedicate as much to the architecture as to the sculptural aspect ...
Trip to Volterra
Pisa - Volterra

 Volterra, as well as being justly famous for the production of alabaster, is without doubt one of the most important historical towns of Tuscany. Enclosed within the medieval walls, surrounded by the largest curtain of Etruscan walls bordered by menacing but characteristic erosion of "Cliffs," is spectacular with its standing ...
Important Tuscan characters
Firenze - Firenze

  TUSCAN CHARACTERSDante Alighieri, Francesco Petrarch and Giovanni Boccaccio, lived in the fourteenth century, are justly considered the fathers of the Italian language. In the same century, the Supreme renewed the Giotto painting of him we are immortal masterpieces in Assisi, Florence, Padua.Like Leonardo, Michelangelo, the other Tuscan, who was a ...
The Castle of Cafaggiolo
Firenze - Barberino Di Mugello

 Cafaggiolo Castle is located north of Florence, Mugello, an ancient place of origin of the Medici family. And 'one of the great masterpieces of Renaissance architecture, designed by Michelozzo. The original castle dates from the fourteenth century, a time when the fort was the Republic. Cosimo the Elder in 1443 ...
Town Hall of Siena
Siena - Siena

The Palazzo Pubblico, or Town Hall of Siena is the most grandiose of all gothic palaces in Tuscany. It was the seat of the Signoria and Podestà (the ruling bodies) and thus the centre of the city government. The building is strong, solemn, and yet graceful and elegant, forming a ...
The towers of San Gimignano
Siena - San Gimignano

 The original center of San Gimignano is to be identified in the village, built between Torre and Poggio Montestaffoli. San Gimignano became important when the Bishop of Volterra, we instituted a weekly market, then in 949 was established as a town in 998 and was encircled by walls enclosing a ...
Livorno, art and culture
Livorno - Livorno

 Amedeo Modigliani was born in Livorno and Giovanni Fattori and the Macchiaioli school has found deep reasons of inspiration, thanks to the colors, the atmosphere, the culture, that characterize this coastal city. In the Museo Civico Giovanni Fattori, Livorno, are paintings by Tuscan painters of the nineteenth and early twentieth ...
Livorno, a city of art and culture
Livorno - Livorno

  The Giovanni Fattori Civic Museum is located in the prestigious Villa Mimbelli, nineteenth-century private residence, now a museum of Livorno in 1994. The collection of the Museum G. Factors is essentially a collection of art of Livorno and Tuscany, which begins with the work of Henry Pollastrini, artist mainly-style ...
City Museum of Pistoia
Pistoia - Pistoia

The City Museum of Pistoia has, since 1912, been located in the Magistrate’s Palace (Palazzo Pretorio) which has undergone numerous and extensive restorations. The museum was, however, established by the Grand-duke Pietro Leopoldo di Lorena in 1788 and officially opened in the City Hall (Palazzo Comunale) in 1858. The City ...
City Museum of Sansepolcro
Arezzo - Sansepolcro

The City Museum of Sansepolcro is in the Palazzo della Resistenza and it contains numerous works by Piero della Francesca, and more. Other artists are represented (Matteo di Giovanni, Santi di Tito, Raffaellino del Colle) but the museum is particularly known for the main figure among artisti biturgenzi, Piero della ...
Cathedral Museum of Pisa
Pisa - Pisa

The building which has housed the Cathedral Museum of Pisa since 1986 dates back to the 13th century, although it has undergone numerous modifications and ownership. The museum is in the Piazza dei Miracoli between the Leaning Tower and the ‘Spedale’ and it was once home to the canons ...
Museum of popular arts and traditions of the Upper Tiber Valley
Arezzo - Anghiari

The Museum of popular arts and traditions of the Upper Tiber Valley is located in the historic Palazzo Taglieschi. Here you can find paintings, wooden sculptures, sacred and domestic furniture from the Medieval period to the 18th century. Of particular interest are works by Jacopo della Quercia, Jacopo Vignali, and ...
Museum of San Marco
Firenze - Firenze

In 1869 the Museum of San Marco opened its doors. It has also been known as the museum dell’ Angelico for the fact that about one hundred works by Guido di Pietro Tosini (born in Vicchio del Mugello, 1387- 1455), who took the name Fra Giovanni da Fiesole in ...
Historical Museum of the Liberation (1943-1945) - Lucca
Lucca - Lucca

Palazzo Guinigi hosts the Historical Museum of the Liberation which brings together publications about the Liberation and various other types of documentary material. The reconstruction is outstanding of the various phases of the partisan struggle in the Lucca area where there were difficult and bloody battles during the dark years ...
Proverbs and sayings - Tuscany
Firenze - Firenze

There have that is worth knowing Socera and nora, storm and hail Better to help than a hundred tips Who has the spoon in hand makes the soup in its own way ...
Territory, population and history of Tuscany
Firenze - Firenze

The Tuscan landscape is varied and picturesque, green Apennines forests, down rivers, irrigating the fertile and populous valleys. At the center rise the hills of Chianti and the Metalliferous, smiling vineyards and cypress trees. Along the coast, flanked by majestic pine forests, lies the plain of the Maremma. On the ...
Firenze - Firenze

The Etruscans were established in Tuscany at the beginning of the 1st millennium. It was the first population to have political, civil and economic structures and organization. Its cultural influence is still visible. No other region in Europe can claim such long-lasting cities such as Chiusi, Volterra, Cortona, Arezzo, Fiesole, ...
Farm holiday
Podere Il Castagno Crespina

Our lodgings are in a beautiful, accurately restored Tuscan farmhouse on the top of a hill, 25 Km far from Pisa and Galileo Galilei Airport. The farm is located in ...

Pisa - Tuscany
Bed and Breakfast
Casa Anita Lucca

"Casa Anita" is located in a old fashioned farmhouse updated with modern comforts and just 3 km from the historical centre of the town of Lucca. Even if in the immediate ...

Lucca - Tuscany
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