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Bed and Breakfast
Da Rosa Linguaglossa

 The Bed and Breakfast da Rosa is located in Linguaglossa, in the heart of Etna, a few steps from the highest and most active volcano in Europe, in no time ...

Catania - Sicily

Holiday house Don Salvatore Santa Venerina

I am Salvatore D'Aquino, and I am pleased to present the Holiday house Don Salvatore that I manage with my wife Anna. Our structure is recently built, implemented in compliance ...

Catania - Sicily

Farm holiday
Villa dei Papiri Siracusa

The farm holiday "Villa dei Papiri" is just 6 km away from Syracuse, intimately woven with the history of Syracuse and its most ancient legends and cultural traditions, since inside ...

Syracuse - Sicily

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Giovanni Verga House
Catania - Catania

Giovanni Verga was a great writer who portrayed Sicily in its raw, generous and tragic aspects as he saw it, and experienced it, from his lucid, attentive and critical point of view.The reality of the sciara, the mine of the unfortunate Rosso Malpelo, the wild and diabolical beauty of the ...
Birthplace of Luigi Pirandello
Agrigento - Agrigento

The great Sicilian writer,who was born on 28 June 1867 in Contrada Caos, Agrigento, and died in 1936 in Rome, made enormous artistic, philosophical and literary contributions to the entire world and was significant in spreading knowledge about his region of birth.Recipient of a Nobel Prize in 1934, he was ...
The mosaics of Piazza Armerina
Enna - Piazza Armerina

 The richest series of late ancient mosaics survived mosaics is in Sicily. Starting from the third century BC will stand large and luxurious villas in the center of large estates, with in real villages. The best known is certainly Piazza Armerina, now in the province of Enna.All the 'work of ...
Regional Museum of Messina
Messina - Messina

The museum is well presented and arranged according to criteria that favour the historical-chronological view of the display.The exhibited works are by illustrious local artists (and others), such as Antonello da Messina who presented the beauty of the city by the Straight to the rest of the world through ...
Proverbs and sayings - Sicily
Palermo - Palermo

 Lu beddu di lu jocu è fari i fatti e parrari pocu (The beauty of the game is to make the facts and speak little).Quannu la luna è pàllita. chiovi: quannu è russa, fa ventu e quann'è chiara fa sirinità (When the moon is pale, it's raining, when it red, ...
Proverbs and sayings - Sicily
Palermo - Palermo

Lu vinu bonu fa sangu bonu. Good wine makes good blood. Lu vinu è bonu pri cui lo sapi viviri.The wine is good for who knows drinking. Ogni pena e ogni dogghia pani e vinu la cummogghia.The wine and the bread, covering all pain. ...
Proverbs and sayings - Sicily
Palermo - Palermo

Nuddu si pigghia si un si rassumigghia(no one "takes" if you like) U immurutu mieza 'a via 'u so immu un su talìa(the hunchback in the middle of a road hump her looks did not) Tacca u sceccu unni vori u patruni binds the ass his master where he wants (wants to ...
Palermo - Palermo

Sicily is made up of the capital Palermo and the provinces of Catania, Messina, Trapani, Siracusa, Caltanissetta, Enna, Ragusa and Agrigento. In the Palaeolithic age the region was inhabited by the Elimi, Sicani and Siculi. The region was heavily influenced by the Phoenician and Greeck populations who improved economic ...
Syracuse and the 'Island of Ortigia
Siracusa - Siracusa

 Syracuse was an ancient Greek colony, founded on the small island of Ortigia, soon extended to the mainland and became one of the major cities of Magna Graecia. When the Greeks, in 'the eighth century BC, began to travel westward in search of new lands, landed on the east coast ...
Ragusa - Modica

 Modica, Province of Ragusa, stands on some rocky ridges, which are wedged between the rivers Ianni Mauro and Pozzo dei Pruni. Of ancient origins, Modica was inhabited by the Sicilians, then by the Greeks and was therefore subject to the Romans. Also passed to the Byzantines and the Arabs, Modica ...
Farm holiday
San Leonardello Giarre

Near the sea, on the slope of mount Etna... The farm house, immersed in the countryside of Eastern Sicily, surrounded by an historic biological citrus garden, offers accommodations in restored rural ...

Catania - Sicily
Holiday house
Med Flats Siracusa

APARTMENTS CENTRE SYRACUSE - SEA ORTIGIA - SICILY   Two windows on the Mediterranean this is the best way to describe two charming and cosy studio apartments, Alfeo and Aretusa, located on ...

Syracuse - Sicily
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