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Bed and Breakfast
BB Villa Ocsia San Giorgio A Cremano

(0.00 km)

The property is the result of the refurbishment of a 1700 farm house, which in 1800 became a residential manor and later in 1910 was renovated – as it appears ...

Naples - Campania

Farm holiday
Bellofatto Torella Dei Lombardi

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The Bellofatto estate is situated in the area around the town of Torrella dei Lombardi, in the greenery of Irpinia. It is about 600 m. above the sea level. Situated ...

Avellino - Campania

Hotel Pietrenere Rodi Garganico

(182.54 km)

Situated in the hearth of the Gargano national park,the Pietrenere hotel,3stars, is surrounded by tipical mediterranean vegetation and has a splendid view over the sea.This modern hotel has 45 very ...

Foggia - Apulia

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Amalfi, the ancient maritime republic
Salerno - Amalfi

 Amalfi is a town of Campania, in the province of Salerno, on the southern coast of the Sorrento peninsula, the famous Amalfi Coast. Amalfi was founded by the Romans in the fourth century A. D. and a bishopric from the sixth century, was subject to the Eastern Roman Empire and ...
Napoli - Napoli

Campania is made up of the capital Naples, and of the provinces of Salerno, Avellino, Benevento and Caserta. During the 2nd and 1st millennia B.C. it was inhabited by the Aurunci and the Opici. As most of southern Italy, the region became part of the Magna Grecia, during the greek colonization ...
Napoli - Ischia

 Ischia is the largest of the Neapolitan islands, situated at the north-western Gulf of Naples.Almost trapezoidal in shape and is of volcanic nature, culminating in Epomeo, whose last eruption was in 1301.The coasts are jagged, with high walls, alternating with short stretches of beach.We thrive on tourism, which relies on ...
Salerno - Capaccio

Paestum, before is was given its name in Latin, was an important Greek colony founded in the 7th century B.C. by the Sybarites who gave it the name Poseidonia.The National Archaeological Museum and the archaeological park make up an extraordinary ensemble, exhibiting and preserving monuments and objects of art, as ...
Proverbs and sayings - Campania
Napoli - Napoli

Fattella cu chi è meglio 'e te 'e fanci 'e spese(He attended a better person than you, and be generous with them)Ammore verace s'appicceca e fa pace(Who really loves you, immediately after the quarrel is peace) Lassa sta 'o munno comme se trova(Never mind the world as it is) ...
Proverbs and sayings - Campania
Napoli - Napoli

Saltasse chi pò dicette 'o ranaruttolo   (Who is said to the frog jumps)Neapolitan version of the most famous: every man for himself.Acquajuo‘, ll ‘acqua è fresca? Manc”a neve!Dipper, the water is fresh? More 'Ice!Acqua mè, acqua tè, acqua càvera pe’ ccafè.Water to me, water tea, hot water instead of ...
Proverbs and sayings - Campania
Napoli - Napoli

A nnomm”e Ddio!, e se ‘mmuccaje ‘na zéppula.In the name of God, and bit into a pancake.Avimmo magnato, avimmo vippeto e ‘nc’è trasuto ‘o riesto.We ate and drank the rest and there is advanced.Chi fatica magna sardine.Pe n’accenno ‘e sale se perde ‘a menesta.For lack of a grain of salt ...
Napoli - Pompei

Where time has stood stillIn 79 A.D., Mount Vesuvius, after a thousand years of Pompei, reawakened and blocked everything in that marvellous city as if in a snapshot. The suddenness of the tragedy is shocking, revealing two thousand years later details of that day: tables set for a meal, food ...
Bed and Breakfast
All' Ombra dei Pini Mola Di Bari
InYouLife   (238.71 km)

Puglia, the land of olive trees the patriarchs of nature, where the countryside is synonymous with tranquillity and healthy living?where no one feels like an outsider? (L. Patruno) Villa All?Ombra dei Pini, ...

Bari - Apulia
Farm holiday
'A Pittara Zambrone
InYouLife   (280.86 km)

BIOLOGICAL FARMHOUSE - NEAR TROPEA SEA - RESTAURANT POINT - ROOMS AND APARTMENTS -The farm 'A PITTARA is a farm of about 9 hectares near the sea (3.2 km) and ...

Vibo Valentia - Calabria
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