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Bed and Breakfast
All' Ombra dei Pini Mola Di Bari

Puglia, the land of olive trees the patriarchs of nature, where the countryside is synonymous with tranquillity and healthy living?where no one feels like an outsider? (L. Patruno) Villa All?Ombra dei Pini, ...

Bari - Apulia

Farm holiday
Podere del Leone Scandicci

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Florence - Tuscany

Farm holiday
Santa Maria a Poneta Barberino Val D'Elsa

The small, long-abandoned enclave of Poneta has been given new life to become a pleasant country residence for demanding guests who love nature, culture and the good life, and ...

Florence - Tuscany

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Bellagio, a place of natural interest
Como - Bellagio

 Bellagio is a lovely small town on Lake Como, ancient architecture and perfectly preserved, almost entirely surrounded by the blue waters of Lake Como and leaning against the mountain, fully clothed with the deep green of the woods. This is Bellagio, the "Pearl of Lake Como": a stone's throw from ...
Park of Mount Etna
Catania - Catania

You could just have Mount Etna by itself and nothing else around, and it would still be beautiful, with its heights covered in snow, dominating the surroundings with majesty and with its great hidden power of destruction. Mount Etna is already a very good reason to visit this part ...
Adamello-Brenta Natural Park
Trento - Molveno

Adamello Brenta Natural Park is the largest protected area of Trentino. It is endowed with 80 lakes and with Adamello Glacier, one of the largest glaciers in Europe. Its fauna is among the richest of the Alps and includes all animal species which find their habitat on the mountains, bear and ...
Regional Natural Park of Maremma
Grosseto - Grosseto

Beaches, woods, hills, maquis and marshes: landscape variety characterises this wonderful area, reclaimed over the centuries. A magnificent habitat for numerous animal species, such as hoofed animals and wild boar, not to mention birds, and an extremely unusual abundance of marsh turtles.Within the park, which has nature paths to follow ...
National park of Gargano
Foggia - Foggia

The national park of Gargano includes in its vast territory the famous promontory of Gargano that is surrounded by the magnificent Umbrian forest and by the protected area of the Tremiti islands. It has become an example for its environmental safeguards and for its historic, archaeological and urban patrimony. The ...
National park of Gennargentu and of the Orosei Gulf.
Nuoro - Orosei

The vast area (74,000 hectares) of mount Gennargentu doesn’t include peaks of great altitude but does include the beautiful Sopramonte and Orosei gulf that surround it, making it a fascinating and wild area with rough and dry soil marked by time and weather effects. There are many carsic features in ...
The national park of the Stelvio.
Sondrio - Sondrio

The marvellous trails that this park has to offer are characterized by immense spaces, slopes and all sorts of attractions for mountain bike lovers. In the upper part of the park, we find the Stelvio pass, one of the highest European mountain passes (2757 m). From this point you ...
Regional park of the Euganean Hills.
Padova - Montagnana

The Euganean hills: paradise, beauty, nature and poetry. An area chosen by the famous Francesco Petrarca in the 14th century, in order to finish his studies in the last years of his life. The beauty and harmony of the hills touch the heart: the area includes 15 municipalities and ...
Regional park of the Ticino Valley.
Milano - Bellinzago Lombardo

The Ticino river, in its higher section when it flows down from lake Maggiore in Piedmont, forms these big pools, enclosing beautiful forests with small rocky beaches, some of which are periodically submerged. In old times many people used to hunt for gold on these same beaches. It’a fluvial ...
The park of the Po Delta
Rovigo - Taglio Di Po

The park safeguards the Po delta and all of its “active” seven branches that merge in to the Adriatic Sea. It presents different environments with peculiar elements: the sandbanks, the golenas, the fishing valleys, the lagoon, the country side, the fossil dunes and the river banks. The delta of a ...
Stelvio National Park and its nature
Sondrio - Sondrio

 Visit the Stelvio National Park is a 'unique experience: short and easy tours, hiking and climbing at high altitude allow you to "experience nature" so intense and emotional. The Botanical Garden "Rezia", in Bormio, where were collected the main flora of the Stelvio National Park, allows visitors to enjoy these ...
National park of Abruzzo,Lazio and Molise.
L'Aquila - Villetta Barrea

The park comprises three regions, even though it’s mostly located in Abruzzo’s territory, and is made up of 44,000 hectares plus 60,000 of external protection. The park was established in 1923, a year after Gran Paradiso national park, and is considered the most important Apennine park in Italy. In fact ...
National park of Majella in Italy
L'Aquila - L'Aquila

The vast and diversified national park, established in 1991, includes the provinces of Chieti, Pescara and Aquila, for a total of 75,000 hectares. This park includes the Majella massif, Morrone, Porrara and Pizzi, for a total of 60 summits, half of which are over 2000 meters. This park also ...
National Park of Calabria in Italy
Cosenza - Cosenza

87% of the park is made up of state territory and also is a completely wild and natural environment; there are no inhabited centers in its territory. Great animal life, with numerous species of characteristic Apennine mammals and the rare presence of the wolf. Among the various birds, you ...
National park of the Aspromonte in Italy
Reggio Calabria - Reggio Di Calabria

A harsh and wild but fascinating mountain. A beautiful panorama with strong color contrasts, sadly known because it has many times been the hideout for kidnappers, but it is known especially for its beauty, plant and animal life and waters which characterize this gorgeous place. This gigantic pyramid appers ...
Nebrodi Park
Messina - Messina

There are four areas (A: reserve, B: general reserve, C: protection, D: control) that make up the Nebrodi park; which with its 50,000 hectares of forest (mainly oak and beech trees) is the regions “green lung”. There are 21 municipalities in the park that offer their services and give hospitality, ...
Park of the Mincio
Mantova - Mantova

Thirteen municipalities around Mantua are included in the park’s territory, established in 1984. The territory is densely inhabited and used especially for farming, cattle breeding and craftsmanship of great value. The Mincio river, which is not very long but of great importance for carrying the water from lake ...
Monte Cucco park
Perugia - Costacciaro

The park includes the mountain range of Monte Cucco (1566 m elevation), rich in important archaeological remains of dwellings and fossils. The Rio Freddo and Fucecchie gorges are not be be missed. Numerous subterranean phenomena (waterways and caverns) are present, including the Grotta del Monte Cucco (about 1,000 m deep) ...
National park of Vesuvio in Italy
Napoli - Ercolano

The park of Vesuvius is important, not only for its flora and fauna but also for its extraordinary geological environment, because of the presence of the volcano. The fascinating living cone, which erupted in 79 A.D., destroyed the famous cities of Hercolanum and Pompei. The park has become a paradise ...
Wildlife in the Adamello-Brenta
Trento - Molveno

 The exceptional environmental integrity and diversity of the territory of the Adamello-Brenta are reflected in an extraordinary rich fauna, which is rarely equal to the Alps. In the Adamello-Brenta are present all the characteristic species of the Alps, among which the brown bear, animal and symbol of great ecological importance ...
Farm holiday
Girasole Grosseto

The Girasole farm house is inside the Natural park of the Maremma, just 8 km from the Albarese marine beach and 10 km from the citty of Grosseto. It is located ...

Grosseto - Tuscany

The strategic position gives the opportunity to explore by foot the wonderful monuments. Railway station "Florence Santa Maria Novella" 1 km. The Garage Bargello at 20 mt. (Cost of 30 ...

Florence - Tuscany
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