The remains of Herculaneum in Italy

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The remains of Herculaneum in Italy

The remains of Herculaneum in Italy

 In 79 AD, the terrible eruption of Vesuvius, which struck the city of Pompeii, involved in a dramatic way other cities in the area, including Herculaneum.
However, the eruption of lava that had flooded initially spared Herculaneum Pompeii and Stabiae, which was bathed in days instead of a river of mud.
mass of mud, hardened, sealed the city, preserving even the upper floors of houses and wooden structures that had been burned instead to Pompeii from the great heat of the 'eruption. That's why you can see buildings in Herculaneum virtually intact and a large amount of furniture, allowing visitors to learn in depth the original appearance of ancient houses.
The houses of Herculaneum, as most of the Roman houses were adorned with paintings, some of which are of fine workmanship and subtle sheen.
Herculaneum was once the sea and the legend it was founded by Hercules. Oscans first inhabited by the Etruscans and then was later taken by the Samnites, to enter later became part of Rome.
The first fortuitous discovery of Herculaneum archaeological wealth dating back to the eighteenth century, but by 1927 he undertook regular campaigns of excavations, making a priceless heritage to come to light.
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