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Holiday house
Canto degli Alberti Monterchi

CHARME AND RELAIS - COUNTRY HOUSE WITH SWIMMING POOL - PARK - PIERO DELLA FRANCESCA Canto degli Alberti is an old stone country residence which was used as a farmhouse and ...

Arezzo - Tuscany

Farm holiday
Podere Il Castagno Crespina

Our lodgings are in a beautiful, accurately restored Tuscan farmhouse on the top of a hill, 25 Km far from Pisa and Galileo Galilei Airport. The farm is located in ...

Pisa - Tuscany

Holiday house
Torrevecchia Pistoia

Torrevecchia carries in its very name the foundations of one of the medieval houses with tower which spread out in the fertile valley of the Ombrone river in the Pistoia ...

Pistoia - Tuscany

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Friuli by horse
Gorizia - Monfalcone

The area of the Carso, has been a theatre of tragic events such as the World Wars in the 20th century. The dolinas of the Carso are rough but fascinating areas, with lunar configurations but also gentle landscapes. Trail N.3 is one of the longest that skirts the Carso and ...
Trentino by horse
Trento - Trento

The plateau of Piné, gently rolling and full of green meadows for pasture and conifer forests with all sorts of mushrooms, lakes and rivers, is ideal for tourism and especially horseback riding. The first protected biotope of the region is located in the Laghestel reservation, one of the oldest protected ...
Sicily by horse
Agrigento - Agrigento

The river of Alcantara isn’t famous for its length (the length of the river inside the premises of the park, 1900 acres, is about 50 Km) but for its extraordinary scenery, thanks to the various processes of transformation this area has undergone due to geological and geothermal factors that have ...
Sardinia by horse
Carbonia-Iglesias - Iglesias

Iglesias is a town where history is strongly related to the mineral resources of the area; the deposits of iron, silver, zinc and lead characterize the harsh but fascinating surroundings of Sulcis and Iglesiente. The various mines, abandoned in the 1800s, the jagged coast line, the great forest areas and ...
Molise by horse
Isernia - Isernia

These livestock tracks were built by the Sanniti civilization and were considered the best ways for communication and transport before construction of the Roman roads. The livestock tracks and the established roads were maintained and supervised by the barbaric invaders and later by the Roman conquerors. These tracks were ...
Marche by horse
Pesaro e Urbino - Pesaro

After the beautiful shore line, the first mountains start to rise from the sea, creating a marvellous area that has in fact been a protected environment since 1997. In the park there are various environments that go from the sandy beaches to rocky mountain walls, from agricultural fields to forests, ...

For your wedding you prefern.Your guests will be delighted notn.In each region, you can [by google translate] ...

For your wedding you prefern.Your guests will be delighted notn.In each region, you can [by google translate] ...
Lumbardy by horse
Brescia - Paderno Franciacorta

The gentle ups and downs characterize the area of Franciacorta, with the valleys of Cavallina, Seriana and Brembana, the precious vineyards that give us the extraordinary vintage wines: all this gives the area a sense of beauty and peacefulness. Three trails are available that can be divided into various ...
Valle d' Aosta by horse
Aosta - Valgrisenche

The Vagrisanche area, together with Valsavaranche and Val di Rhemes, forms a magnificent and renown triangle. The small and charming municipality of Valgrisanche is full of neat and tidy houses with sloping roof tops covered by the traditional sheets of slate, which have been covering the roofs and keeping the ...
Veneto by horse
Rovigo - Rovigo

The park, situated at the mouth of the Po river, is an incredible place of life and biodiversity, with stupendous scenery, perfect for excursions by horse. The “golene” are characteristic environments of the Po delta, and have a fundamental function in the river’s ecosystem. In fact, the “golene” are ...
Lucania on horseback
Matera - Matera

The ancient name for this area was Metapontion, given by the Greek populations who once lived in these areas. Between the 8th and 7th centuries B.C., almost all the coastline of the region was colonized by Greek immigrants. This colonization left important proof of their presences in the region. ...
Calabria by mtb
Cosenza - Cosenza

The beautiful park (which is described in the “Places of Naturalistic Interest) offers mountain bike riders all sorts of interesting itineraries that very in difficulty, length and satisfaction. Between gorgeous loricate pine trees (symbol of the national park) and small beech trees, trails go through rivers and pastures ending at ...
Calabria by horseback
Avellino - Avellino

For those who love to ride slowly and calmly into silent forests, freshness and enchanted atmospheres, the oasis of mount Polveracchio is a perfect paradise for you and your equine friend. The protected area, nearly 200 acres, includes the provinces of Salerno and Avellino ...
From Pitigliano to Saturnia
Grosseto - Pitigliano

From the main square of Pitigliano, along Via Cava (no motorized vehicles are permitted), you follow an extraordinary itinerary carved into the volcanic rock, until the famous city of Sovana, an Etruscan necropolis. Then you cross Cavoni and wade across the Fiora to reach San Martino sul Fiora. Continue toward ...
Emilia Romagna
Piacenza - Vernasca

Two paths through the Apennines of Piacenza are very beautiful, full of things to see, as well as equipped places where you and your horse may rest and refresh yourselves. Both paths start from Cergallina and then pass by Vigoleno, Vernasca, Monastero, Groppalla, Bettola.The second path instead continues to Ca' ...
Grosseto - Grosseto

There are many excellent areas for equestrian tourism, but the pre-eminent one is Maremma, the land of the Butteri, where the horse has always had a special place alongside man ...
Lazio by horse
Roma - Bracciano

Old Monterano is fascinating. The abandoned city still preserved on the volcanic plateau is magnificent. Famous films have been made in this area, such as “Ben Hur” or “Brancaleone alle crociate”.To get to Monterano, you ride through suggestive scenery, exotic vegetation and rocky landscapes. The territory (1000 acres) ...
The region of Liguria by horse.
Genova - Rezzoaglio

The parks in Liguria offer, to all lovers of horseback riding, huge open spaces, trails, many attractions and all sorts of equipment. The long trail that goes from east to west along the ridges of the region is called “the Ligurian mountain highway”.This trail offers you remarkable scenery and small ...
Piemonte by horse
Asti - Castelnuovo Don Bosco

Wine lands around the city of the Palio (historic horse races): everything here is meant for riding and tourism. Many are the trails from which to choose from, with different destinations, lengths and interests. All start from Carmagnola, in the province of Turin, where the famous “Conte” of one of ...
Farm holiday
Villa Contea Castel Focognano

'La Contea' is a beautiful, characteristic, detached Tuscan villa, part of an ancient farm which dates back to the 15th century and used to belong to the well-known Visani-Rassinesi family, ...

Arezzo - Tuscany
Holiday house
Villa Olena Reggello

The “Villa Olena” holiday house is an old farmhouse whose origins date back to the 15th century. It was the first house built in the village of Cascia along the ...

Florence - Tuscany
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