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Farm holiday
Trere' Faenza

Since 1997 the firm is also a farmhouse with rooms and apartments with all the facilities, swimming pool and restaurant at weekends, in order to accommodate tourists seeking peace, love ...

Ravenna - Emilia Romagna

Holiday house
Canto degli Alberti Monterchi

CHARME AND RELAIS - COUNTRY HOUSE WITH SWIMMING POOL - PARK - PIERO DELLA FRANCESCA Canto degli Alberti is an old stone country residence which was used as a farmhouse and ...

Arezzo - Tuscany

Casa Rosa Firenze

 The hill of Bellosguardo, just outside Florence, has preserved its nature and architecture since the times of Dante and the Medicis.Even today, ancient villas with parks and gardens immortalized in ...

Florence - Tuscany

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Abruzzo by mtb
Teramo - Civitella Del Tronto

The town is actually a fortress that leans against the sky balancing itself on the steep hill where it rests. This fortress was built during the reign of Naples to delimit its territory. The town’s main monument is the Spanish fortress. You have to be in good shape to get ...
Tyrol bike
Trento - Trento

 The beautiful trails of the park giving space, slopes and things of every kind, for lovers of mountain biking. In the area of the park is the South Tyrolean Stelvio Pass, the highest European mountain pass at an altitude of 2757 and from there you can leave for courses in ...
Calabria by mtb
Cosenza - San Demetrio Corone

A strong Albanian presence and all their traditions have always been integrated in this region’s society and religion. It is great to bike along the old roads of the towns of Plataci, Spezzato Albanese, San Demetrio Corone and many others. If you time your trip correctly, you will be able ...
Knowing the Trentino mountain biking
Bolzano - Bolzano

 The bike goes well with the valley of Trentino, was suitable for all roads and trails. The mountain bike is a means environmentally friendly: it does not pollute the air, no noise, does not degrade the land, committed the intelligence and stamina. The colors really come back health and harmony, ...
Emilia Romagna ny mtb
Bologna - Bologna

Emilia Romagna offers a good selection of mountain bike excursions: enormous flat areas near the Po river near the valley of Comacchio, full of beautiful aquatic birds; or the shore side of Romagna, with its long beaches and cool pine forests full of old churches along the trail.Up and down ...
Friuli in mtb
Gorizia - Cormons

This is the famous production area of Collio and of the Isonzo, near the northeastern boarder of Italy. Every year in these areas, various leaders of state are invited to the provincial festival of the grape, to drink the wine of peace together. It is a beautiful land filled with ...
Great view over the Val d'Orcia
Siena - Sarteano

 Some sections of the route that we present are uphill, so quite challenging, but the reduced mileage (about 20 km) and the beauty of the areas around alleviate fatigue. It starts from the square of Sarteano, a village situated between the hills of ancient Etruria, take the road towards Chianciano ...
Pisa - Pisa

This large protected area hosts one of the rarest ecosystems in Italy: the swamplands give life to innumerable plant and animal species which are able to live only in this habitat. San Rossore is also famous for the Presidential Estate, a significant historical and cultural testimonial of the Grand duchy ...
Lumbardy in MTB
Lecco - Lecco

Do you remember the first page of the Novel “The Betrothed” where the writer Manzoni, makes his words come to life, describing the enchantment of nature with its varieties of scenery between forest and grassy hills? Do you recall the small roads lined by old stone walls, where Don ...
Excursions by bike in Tuscany
Pistoia - Pistoia

The province of Pistoia is formed for the most part by a mountainous and hilly territory. There are a lot of paths that often join villages and small country hamlets where you can walk or cycle with the mountain bike. The complex “residence Il Castagno” offers its guests a series ...
Bike routes in the Dolomites
Trento - Trento

 The Dolomites, however, are not only mountain biking and you live them, choosing a route between nature, history, legends and unique atmosphere. In the Val di Non in the Dolomites, the absence of binding points, the harmonious route, which follows the movements of the hills, creating more and more airy ...
Mountain bike itineraries
Perugia - Assisi

Umbia can easily be divided into districts (Amelia, Assisi, Cascia, Castiglione del Lago, Città di Castello, Foligno, Gubbio, Orvieto, Perugia, Spoleto, Terni, Todi), each of which is characterised by municipalities rich in history and landscape, cultural and folkloristic attractions, as well as great natural beauty. The entire region offers much ...
Livorno - Rio Marina

Tuscany on two wheels Since Tuscany is a region with a notable archeological presence, it is easy to find guided and non-guided routes that are rich in historic testimonials which wind along ancient Roman ways or even those of Etruscan origin. At the same time, frequent vicinity to the sea and ...
Mountain bike routes in the Dolomites
Trento - Trento

In the green expanses of the valley, in the shady forests of Trentino and around the lakes are plotted a series of mountain bike itineraries vary in length and difficulty, enclosed in a large driving itineraries you can ask at the offices of the APT You can rent bikes, to ...
Mountain bike routes for Trento
Trento - Trento

 Who does not want to leave their mountain bikes even when going on holiday, situated in Trento, the ideal destination for their holidays. On the outskirts of Trento is available to a fascinating journey, with a total length of 321 km, divided into 10 stages: it is the journey "Fortresses ...
Mountain biking on Mount Amiata
Grosseto - Grosseto

 What I propose is a brief itinerary (15.71 km) and without any particular difficulty, although some steep climb uphill (tarmacked), in the first part of the route. The route is not marked and extends through the forest on the slopes of Monte Amiata. It starts from the center of San ...
Lazio in MTB
Roma - Bracciano

The perimeter of the lake is about 33 km; if you take the road, it’s just a bit more.The lake has so many things to offer and to see that, stopping once in a while, is almost obligatory. In this way, since 33km is not a short distance, also ...
Liguria in MTB
Savona - Varazze

The coast and island of Verazze (Castagnabuona, Pero, Cantalupo, Casanova, Alpicella, Faje) together with the regional park of Beigua, are full of great itineraries thanks to their cultural, landscape and natural beauty. All of Liguria is beautiful: its particular conformation of hills and terraces where the mountains seem to be ...
Lucania in mtb
Matera - Matera

Riding your bike along the “Sassi” trail in Matera, is a beautiful way to discover new things and to enjoy incredible views. Naturally it takes a little training before taking off on the up-hills and down-hills of this marvellous town in Lucania. Near the river Gravina, the trail starts to ...
Marche by MTB
Pesaro e Urbino - Pesaro

This park is full of ups and downs, immense forests of cedar trees, rivers, grassy meadows and pastures. Nature here is beautiful and enjoyable. The park comprises 5000 acres of territory and offers many attractions. Sasso Simone was once a Tuscan outlook, the Medici family had built a castle ...
Vacation resort
Residenza Patrizia Cannobio


Verbania - Piedmont
Bed and Breakfast
All' Ombra dei Pini Mola Di Bari

Puglia, the land of olive trees the patriarchs of nature, where the countryside is synonymous with tranquillity and healthy living?where no one feels like an outsider? (L. Patruno) Villa All?Ombra dei Pini, ...

Bari - Apulia
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