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Farm holiday
Fattoria il Praticino Castelfranco Di Sopra

The farm is located inside a biologically sensitive and environmentally protected area in the centre of Tuscany and a triangle of artistically blessed towns (Florence 38 km, Arezzo 40 km, ...

Arezzo - Tuscany

Holiday house
Torrevecchia Pistoia

Torrevecchia carries in its very name the foundations of one of the medieval houses with tower which spread out in the fertile valley of the Ombrone river in the Pistoia ...

Pistoia - Tuscany

Farm holiday
Podere Poggio ai Cieli San Gimignano

Poggio ai Cieli is a small, wine-producing holding of 10 hectares, situated in a hilly position at only 8 km from San Gimignano. It is an ideal place to pass ...

Siena - Tuscany

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Wellness Centers in Abruzzo
Pescara - Caramanico Terme

 The town of Caramanico is located in the Maiella National Park, near the valley of the river and Orfento Orta. The country is known for its sulfur springs, so that, by 1960, the center is called Caramanico Terme.  The waters of the spa, but the dry climate and the fresh, ...
The Caramanico Hot Springs
Pescara - Caramanico Terme

The town of Caramanico, probably of Longobard origin, located at 700 meters elevation, is protected and ennobled by the Macella and Morrone Mountains.At the beginning of the 20th century the area grew considerably and this coincided with the construction of the thermal spas whose waters were an important centre for ...
The Popoli Hot Springs
Pescara - Popoli

On the slopes of the Morrone Mountain lies Popoli, a town of about 6000 inhabitants, built as a fief in the 13th century. The thermal waters, which abound and have been known since antiquity, were treated and have been systematically used since the 19th century when the first spa ...
The Raiano Hot Springs
L'Aquila - Raiano

Publio Ovidio Nasone, the great Latin lyrical poet, was born in Sulmona a few kilometres from Raiano in the beautiful Peligna Basin.Even though many localities make reference to the great author of “Amores”, exiled in Dacia (Romania), few are truly authentic ovidians. It is believed that during the Imperial ...
The Waters of Monticchio Bagni and Atella
Potenza - Rionero In Vulture

The region around Vulture mountain, in the province of Potenza, is famous for its waters which have given life to important thermal spas in Rapolla.Atella, Monticchio and other areas have carbonic mineral waters that have been bottled. Monticchio, in the municipality of Rionero Vulture, is divided into Monticchio Laghi ...
Wellness Center in Basilicata
Potenza - Rapolla

 Rapolla is in the territory of Mount Vulture, at an altitude of 447 m above sea level, in one of the most beautiful and unspoilt of Lucania. The thermal waters flow from three sources in the district of "Gardens of the Lake" Rapolla and the mud is obtained from these ...
The Latronico Hot Springs
Potenza - Latronico

The well known thermal waters located in the Pollino National Park gush out at almost 900 meters elevation at a temperature of 22° C from the “Grande “ spring and the “Piccola” spring. One is rich in calcium and bicarbonate, and the other sulphureous, and both contain a ...
The Rapolla Hot Springs
Potenza - Melfi

Rapolla is located at 450 meters elevation at the foot of Vulture mountain which is volcanic in origin, 1300 meters high, and surroundedby prehistoric settlements.Under Rapolla flows an invisible river, whose origin is unknown, but whose waters absorb precious salts and reach just the right temperature. There are ...
Wellness Center in Calabria
Cosenza - Cassano Allo Ionio

 The thermal waters of Cassano, Mediomineral, bicarbonate-alkaline-sulphurous, hypo (25 ° C), derived from five sources, which flow side by side for about 500 meters. Is used as a drink, for baths, mud baths, inhalations, irrigations, whirlpools, to treat inflammation ENT, pulmonary, gynecological and skin. In addition to the Spa of ...
The Caronte of Lamezia Hot Springs
Catanzaro - Lamezia Terme

The reference to Caronte, the infernal boatman in Dante’s Divine Comedy, is mandatory as he was the tamer of the hot underground waters.About 8 kilometres from the nearest town lies the well-equipped and well-known spa where treatments of every kind are available. The waters emerge at 39° C.A complete ...
The Spezzano Albanese Hot Springs
Cosenza - Spezzano Albanese

The aged-old town of Spezzano (Spixana) is one of the many, in the province of Cosenza, that has a large Albanian ethnic group. Because of the encounter of diverse cultures that has been going on for five centuries, Spezzano is rich in numerous and interesting traditions.The hot springs are ...
The Sibarite Hot Springs
Cosenza - Cassano Allo Ionio

Cassano at Jonio, in the province of Cosenza, it was a Sibarian colony and its precious bicarbonate-alkaline-surphureous hypothermal waters were known and appreciated by both the Greek colonizers and the Romans. At that time the therapeutic and scientific properties were not known. Today this gift of Nature that ...
Wellness center in Campania
Benevento - Telese

 The springs flowed in 1349, following a devastating earthquake, which destroyed the ancient city of Telese. The current health center was activated in the second half of the nineteenth century and repeatedly renovated and completed in the twentieth. The Spa is also equipped for physiotherapy and beauty treatments. Ancient and ...
The Agnano Hot Springs
Napoli - Napoli

The hot springs surge from what was a volcanic crater in the Flegrein Fields, an area that evokes mythology, archaeology, history and beauty.The spas date back to 1870 and today offer a wide range of services for their many clients. The benefits of the thermal waters (that in the ...
The Spa of Montesano on the Marcellana
Salerno - Montesano Sulla Marcellana

The cold mineral water that comes from the Santo Stefano spring and from other natural “blessed locks”, reveals a precious underground river. The water is used for many pathologies, among them, respiratory, arthritis, and rheumatic problems, spondylitis and metabolism problems.Montesano, which lies at 850 meters elevation, is a lovely ...
The Stabia Hot Springs
Napoli - Castellammare Di Stabia

From the Castrum to the SeaEvidence of the Latins who passed through this splendid encampment on the sea are everywhere: in the name and in the splendid archaeological and artistic artefacts which they left behind.The hot springs are a great resource. Twenty-eight springs whose waters are comprised of ...
The Telese Hot Springs
Benevento - Telese

Sulphureous carbonic, alkaline-magnesic waters are available to those looking for, in the beautiful area in the province of Benevento, relaxation, contact with nature and relief from one’s aliments.The Centro Congressi, the thermal springs centre, has a large building for accommodations and specializes in rehabilitation which makes it a point ...
Wellness center in Forli
Forli Cesena - Castrocaro Terme E Terra Del Sole

 The Wellness Center of Castrocaro consists of four plants, surrounded by a vast park of trees, designed by the Florentine Renaissance in the Boboli. The spa also has a fully equipped and modern beauty center and spa, where treatments are applied with effective natural cosmetic products based on water and ...
The Porretta Hot Springs
Bologna - Porretta Terme

On the Porrettana road (or by train) that connects Bologna to Pistoia at 400 meters elevation, surrounded by beautiful chestnut, pine and fir tree forests, is the famous Porretta Hot Springs.The sulphureous and saline bromide waters have a wide therapeutic use. Here one can find an excellent spa. ...
The Castrocaro Hot Springs
Forli Cesena - Castrocaro Terme E Terra Del Sole

The present day name, Castrocaro, is the Medieval place name applied to Salsubium, where the root word “salty” comes from and also from the waters.It is useless to talk about the fame of this destination, that offers every type of accommodation.The beautiful Romagnole hot springs which lie in a ...
Farm holiday
'A Pittara Zambrone

BIOLOGICAL FARMHOUSE - NEAR TROPEA SEA - RESTAURANT POINT - ROOMS AND APARTMENTS -The farm 'A PITTARA is a farm of about 9 hectares near the sea (3.2 km) and ...

Vibo Valentia - Calabria
Farm holiday
Podere Il Castagno Crespina

Our lodgings are in a beautiful, accurately restored Tuscan farmhouse on the top of a hill, 25 Km far from Pisa and Galileo Galilei Airport. The farm is located in ...

Pisa - Tuscany
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