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Antica Sosta dei Viandanti Firenze

In the heart of the magnificent city of Florence at only  300 ms from Piazza Duomo, Piazza Signoria, Ponte Vecchio, Galleria degli Uffizi 800 meters away from the railway Station ...

Florence - Tuscany

Farm holiday
Gli Alberelli Acquapendente

A farmhouse  immersed  in the nature-  Farm holiday Viterbo - swimming pool - solarium - apartments - parking - equitation at 2,5 km After an accurate restructuring of the hamlet Donna ...

Viterbo - Latium

Farm holiday
Salvadonica San Casciano In Val Di Pesa

Borgo Salvadonica stands on one of the most beautiful areas of Tuscany, with marvellous panoramic landscapes and numerous villages of medieval origin. Let your gaze wander and all around you'll ...

Florence - Tuscany

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Typical cuisine of Pistoia
Pistoia - Pistoia

 The kitchen of Pistoia tends to make all the "available" in the pantry. The most popular dishes in Pistoia are fettunta, the pork in oil, croutons spleen, blacks croutons (chicken offal). The kitchen of Pistoia must not forget either the soup of bread to Pistoia, the alloys with the porridge, ...
Firenze - Firenze

This poorman’s dish is a type of bread soup made from leftover vegetables boiled with stale bread and dressed with good olive oil. Essential ingredients for ribollita are beans and black cabbage. Ribollita is prepared by boiling beans and then making a puree from part of them. To this puree, you ...
Anitra farcita alla Piemontese (duck with Piemontese filling).
Novara - Novara

The preparation of this dish isn’t difficult but it’s demanding. However, in the end you’ll find it gratifying, especially if expert hands have made it for you and you just have to enjoy it. In the Novarese area, the duck is filled with various cuts of pork, veal and ...
Abbacchio al forno con patate (spring oven lamb with potatoes cooked in the oven).
Roma - Roma

Lamb cooked in the oven is a typical dish during Easter in Rome. You will need at least half a day to prepare the lamb so it will gain all its flavour from the spices and to tenderize its meat even more. In the area of Agro Pontino there ...
Agnello in salsa bianca (lamb with white sauce).
Cagliari - Cagliari

One of the difficulties of this Sardinian recipe is to maintain the lamb meat both tender and white during its cooking. The rest of the recipe has few but healthy ingredients: onions, egg, lemon, oil. In fact you just need a good piece of lamb to guarantee the great taste ...
Anguille e trote in salsa piccante (eel and trout in spicy sauce).
Cagliari - Cagliari

It’s very rare to find a fish dish (excluding marinated or in fish-in-oil dishes), which is not an ‘express’ dish. This recipe is, in fact, one of those rarities. The eel and trout are cut up into small pieces, lightly fried, and finally cooked in a dense sauce that is ...
Brodetto di Porto Recanati (fish soup from Porto Recanati).
Macerata - Porto Recanati

In the town of Porto Recanati, on top of a tower, there is a neon sign that says:”All’uomo del Brodetto” (“to the man of the brodetto”). What is the Brodetto? It’s an wonderful recipe for fish soup characterized by the number of different fishes and molluscs used in the preparation ...
‘Bruschetta’ with truffles
Perugia - Perugia

The noble variations of the this typical and simple Italian dish are Umbrian PDO extra virgin olive oil and famous black truffles from Norcia. ...
Campobasso - Campobasso

 This is a donut, fried in oil and lard, with a sweet dough with a filling made of chestnut (but there is a variant of chick peas), chocolate, candied fruit, almonds and lemon). Go eat at high heat, being careful not to spoil the pleasure, burning tongue! Translation by Google ...
Costicine al maiale alla montanara (Mountain pork chops).
Trieste - Trieste

To prepare this typical dish of the Friulian mountains, smoked pork chops are cooked slowly with butter in a crock pot and white wine is added a bit at a time, and then water mixed with a little cornmeal. It’s a typical winter dish which is generally served with polenta. ...
Cuoccio crazy water
Napoli - Napoli

 U 'is the Cuoccio chicken, the delicious fish with the stubborn and mouth shaped like a beak; In Capri prepares you crazy in the water, which is a broth flavored with garlic and tomato, in which the delicate fins to paddle first on one side then the other, not to ...
Fagiano al tartufo (pheasant with truffles).
Cuneo - Alba

Some people may be amazed by the quantity of truffles used in Alba for cooking. They are put it almost everything, so let’s also use them for this tasty pheasant. The people from Piedmont know well how to tenderize their meats. After basting it, filling it with a mixture of ...
Bari - Bari

  The Friesland frisella is a kind of cake made ​​of flour of barley or wheat, crisp and fragrant, and apparently grezzotta rough, but very tasty. It is prepared by soaking in water for a few moments, and then cover with slices of tomato, oregano (or basil), olive oil, salt ...
Frittelle di Anemoni di mare (sea Anemone pancakes).
Cosenza - Cosenza

In the town of Diamante the Jujime (named after the fruit jujube), you will find the blue Actinias, which look very much like the sea Anemone. If you happen to pass by this area, along the coast of Cosentino till Cirella, you can taste these special pancakes. The recipe ...
Genova - Genova

What distinguishes this focaccia from all the others in Italy? We’re not going to go into the details, but you’ll figure it out. The ingredients are the usual ones: flour, water, yeast, salt, extra virgin olive oil. Maybe the fennel seeds make a difference? That’s part of it, ...
Fusilli alla Molisana
Campobasso - Campobasso

This tasty dish is prepared, with great mastery, by the women of Molise. First they work the pasta dough and roll it out, then they twist every slice of pasta into small spirals so it can better absorb and keep the sauce it will be served with. The sauce is ...
Gnocchi Sorrento
Napoli - Sorrento

  The gnocchi, after a dip in boiling water, it goes directly into the pot - not - but some pass through 'in the oven, very hot, brown the top for a bit' in the company of a good tomato sauce, parmesan, toasted of mozzarella and basil. And when they ...
Gnocchi di zucca gialla (gnocchi with pumpkin).
Gorizia - Gorizia

Pumpkin has a very sweet taste (even though in this recipe we use the variety considered to not be sweet) and it is perfect for an aromatic sauce for the gnocchi. Its pulp, firm and well dried in the oven, is pureed then sieved and mixed with flour, egg ...
Goulash in the manner of Pustertal
Bolzano - Bolzano

 The long cooking of the meat in wine, lots of onion and spices, gives this dish a very special taste and smoothness. In Pustertal plenty of goulash is prepared and served with polenta often: get along very well, those two! google tanslate ...
Pistoia - Lamporecchio

From Lamporecchio, in the Pistoia region, these sweets are round, yellow wafers delicately flavoured with anice and made with eggs and sugar and cooked on a special grill. Artusi calls them the sweet, or better yet, the special amusement of Tuscany. And his definition could not be more precise. Brigidini ...
Holiday house
Canto degli Alberti Monterchi

CHARME AND RELAIS - COUNTRY HOUSE WITH SWIMMING POOL - PARK - PIERO DELLA FRANCESCA Canto degli Alberti is an old stone country residence which was used as a farmhouse and ...

Arezzo - Tuscany
Farm holiday
Podere Albereto Greve In Chianti

Villa Albereto is situated at 13 km from Florence, facing the valley that appears  on San Pole in Chianti, surrounded by forests, olive trees and vineyards, with three hundred meters ...

Florence - Tuscany
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