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Farm holiday
Podere del Leone Scandicci

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Florence - Tuscany

Farm holiday
Fattoria il Praticino Castelfranco Di Sopra

The farm is located inside a biologically sensitive and environmentally protected area in the centre of Tuscany and a triangle of artistically blessed towns (Florence 38 km, Arezzo 40 km, ...

Arezzo - Tuscany

Farm holiday
Il Leccio Grosseto

The farm holiday Il Leccio is situated inside the park of Maremma and is at 1 Km. far from Alberese, at about 6 Kms. away from the sea and at ...

Grosseto - Tuscany

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Feast of San Severo in Bibola [by google translate]
Massa Carrara - ​ Aulla

The Feast of San Severo is celebrated on the first Saturday of September Aulla, in the province of Massa Carrara.The occasion saw the presence of about two hundred and fifty exhibitors come from Tuscany , Liguria and Emilia Romagna, who, taking advantage of the proximity of this place, come together ...
Agricultural Fair Collesalvetti [by google translate]
Livorno - ​ Collesalvetti

The Agricultural Fair is held every year Collesalvetti [by google translate] ...
The Procession of San Francesco in Chiusi della Verna [by google translate]
Arezzo - ​ Chiusi Della Verna

In the place that is traditionally associated with the life of St. Francis , Patron of Italy, at the fifteenth of September 4 , at church , we celebrate the ninth hour , in memory of the death of Jesus.Once this religious celebration takes place then a procession in the ...
Palio del Cerro in Cerreto Guidi [by google translate]
Firenze - ​ Cerreto Guidi

Since the end of the Sixties these competitions have been held among the four ’contrade’ of the town of Cerreto Guidi>/b>. Among the tests there is tug-o-war, crossbow, the amusing but extremely difficult chair race and the race with wooden blocks tied underfoot!Together with the competitions there are historic processions ...
Feast of Rificolona in Florence [by google translate]
Firenze - ​ Firenze

The Rificolona began as a religious festival with a procession dedicated to the Madonna and later became a children’s festival. The ‘rificolone’, which got their name from festivals called ‘fierucolone’ and then modified by the locals into ‘rificolone’, are small paper lanterns illuminated by a candle and then hung from ...
Giostra del Saracino in Arezzo [by google translate]
Arezzo - ​ Arezzo

This is an ancient and spectacular game on horseback, with an impressive historical procession, traditional display by flagmen, drums and horns. Four teams of two jousters (knights) each compete by charging the Buratto, an armoured effigy which symbolises the ancient Saracen enemy. The district, or Porta, with the highest score ...
Murabilia in Lucca [by google translate]
Lucca - ​ Lucca

Murabilia , ie Walls in bloom , it is an event dedicated to amateur gardening , organized by the Opera of the Walls - Botanical Garden of Lucca.At the exhibition there are exhibitions of various kinds of plants , bonsai , competitions for professionals and not only exhibitors , conferences ...
Donkey Palio Roccastrada [by google translate]
Grosseto - ​ Roccastrada

The Palio of Roccastrada is a popular local folk tradition , and is presented as a mixture of humor and rivalry.The present animosity between the various factions does not diminish the desire to create entertainment for an increasingly large.It is celebrated for well over forty years and the event has ...
Porcini Mushroom Festival to Arcille Campagnatico [by google translate]
Grosseto - ​ Campagnatico

The small village of Arcille is a fixed destination for those who enjoy the local cuisine.In August, home to one of the many festivals that enliven every year the Republic Square.Every night (and the [by google translate] ...
Feast at Cana cotta water [by google translate]
Grosseto - ​ Roccalbegna

At Cana celebrates a delicious dish typical of traditional cuisine and tasty Maremma : the cooked water.This dish comes from tradition, the charcoal burners and shepherds Maremma , and thus was born as a poor man's dish , prepared with what once could provide the land, animal husbandry and farm ...
Grape Festival in Montemurlo [by google translate]
Prato - ​ Montemurlo

Appointment at the end of the season with the 27th festival dedicated to grapes and most famous derivative of its juice in Montemurlo , in the province of Prato, Wednesday, August 29 to Sunday, September 9.In the gardens and on the premises of Mercy Montemurlo 20 pm every night depending ...
The Palio di Castel del Piano [by google translate]
Grosseto - ​ Castel Del Piano

Dating back to the beginning of the 15th century, this festival is held every year on the 8th of September in Garibaldi square in Castel del Piano. First, there are dinners with song, games and dancing and an interesting historical procession in costume; at 6 pm the competition between the ...
Exposition of the Holy Girdle [by google translate]
Prato - ​ Prato

On the day dedicated to the co-patron saint of Prato, a traditional historical procession, a commemoration in costume that goes from piazza del Comune until piazza del Duomo, is held. It is on this day, 8 September (the day of the Virgin Mary’s birth), that the faithful have the chance ...
Palio del Diotto in Scarborough [by google translate]
Firenze - ​ Scarperia

Interesting event that takes place in the Scarborough September 8.It 's the traditional Palio Diotto, ie the eight day of the month.The event recalls the day when the vicar of the town of Mugello passed his appointment to that of Florence , which occurred every year to September 8.In the ...
Ruzzi of the Basin [by google translate]
Siena - ​ Chiusi

Chiusi Scalo , although an urban young and without a ritual or an old carousel to recall , wanted to invent out of whole cloth in 1981 its .It 's so who were born .This name is related to two expressions linguistic dialect typical of Chiusi.The Ruzzo , that the ...
Fair ladle in Arezzo [by google translate]
Arezzo - ​ Arezzo

The Fair of the ladle is a fun and unusual exhibition that is held to the 10 of September in Arezzo, Piazza St. Augustine and that can turn into an appointment to renew the equipment of household utensils.In fact there are about three hundred stalls in the square and its ...
The Luminara di Santa Croce [by google translate]
Lucca - ​ Lucca

On September 13th in Lucca the Illumination of Santa Croce takes place. This religious procession threads its way through the city from the church of San Frediano to the Cathedral as thousands of candles are carried along the route, creating a suggestive environment, to venerate a wooden crucifix which, according ...
Bed and Breakfast
Il Paiolo Barberino Di Mugello

Our geographical location is great, and our rooms are located away from the traffic in an area surrounded by greenery. Exactly in Barberino di Mugello, near the wonderful Bilancino lake ...

Florence - Tuscany
Farm holiday
Poggio Capponi Montespertoli

The farm Poggio Capponi, owned by the ancient noble family of Capponi, was built in 1400. The owner's villa is located on a hill that dominates a hill with forests, ...

Florence - Tuscany
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