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Holiday house
Villaggi D'Europa Valle Elvo Sordevolo

The diffused hotel of the Elvo Valley is a new form of reception for who looks for an alternative to the classical hotel structures. It consists of a series of apartments ...

Biella - Piedmont

Vacation resort
Lo Studio' Di Piazza Mondovi'

In an old exclusive palace of Mondovì Piazza, the most characteristic and charming borough of this town, situated on the highest hill, just on Piazza Maggiore Square at the foot ...

Cuneo - Piedmont

Vacation resort

 In Mondovì City Centre, at Langhe's doors, the eighteenth-century residence discreet charm...For a business stay, a relaxation week, a weekend outside the city walls.Our accommodations offer noble apartments accurately renovated ...

Cuneo - Piedmont

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Feast of St. Eusebius in Vercelli [by google translate]
Vercelli - ​ Vercelli

Eusebio was born in Sardinia, in an unidentified location , around 300 d.C.He embraced the ecclesiastical state in Rome, and in 345 was appointed bishop of Vercelli.The area was not yet called Piedmont was in those days, for Christianity, a border region , and Eusebius distinguished himself for the work ...
Medieval Festival of Cassine [by google translate]
Alessandria - ​ Cassine

The beautiful historical reconstruction , rich customs, rituals , culture, folklore and curiosities of the Age of Media (which after centuries of unjust discrimination is now being re-evaluated and re-discovery ), was founded in 1991.It takes place in the historic center , with opening of museums and really many things ...
International Exhibition of taste - Earth Mother
Torino - ​ Torino

In 2012, the Salone del Gusto and Terra Madre are one. The two events bring to an end a path already traced from 2004, the year she was born Earth Mother, and that has always seen side by side in a clear and conscious choice: the world of food and ...
Open Castles [by google translate]
Cuneo - ​ Cuneo

Enjoy the unique hospitality and warm welcome of the people from Friuli.3-NIGHT STAY, TWO PERSONS IN DOUBLE ROOM Total Euro 330,00 * breakfast included, do not miss our delicious home-mad jam and cookies* one dinner in a selected restaurant where you can taste typical local dishes and much more (drinks ...
Tuttomele [by google translate]
Torino - ​ Cavour

Tradition now a must for lovers of the apple is the applicant Tuttomele Cavour, near Turin.The festival is a true exhibition of the best apples with a number of attractive initiatives taking place throughout the week in which we celebrate Tuttomele.Now the quality of the apple is increased dramatically in ...
The fagiolata San Defendente in Castiglione di Asti [by google translate]
Asti - ​ Asti

The fagiolata San Defendente is a fun holiday that is celebrated in Castiglione di Asti.The festival is a historical re-enactment of the ancient origins of the patronal feast which falls on January 2.On this occasion you make a bean begging from house to house , after the harvest is cooked ...
Carcavegia in Premosello Chiovenda [by google translate]
Verbania - ​ Premosello-Chiovenda

The Carcavegia is a ceremony that takes place every year during the three days leading up to the Epiphany [by google translate] ...
Businà Carnival in Alexandria [by google translate]
Alessandria - ​ Fubine

The Busiunà spares no one : in dialect ' Alexandrian ' you are targeting deeds and misdeeds of Fubinesi famous and less famous , canzonandoli cheerfully and bringing to light the flaws in the country, according to a script that has become classic.E ' on the evening of Carnival for ...
Sword Dance in San Giorio Susa [by google translate]
Torino - ​ San Giorio Di Susa

The ceremony called the Sword Dance is held every year [by google translate] ...
Canto del Maggio [by google translate]
Cuneo - ​ Magliano Alfieri

The version maggenga the begging of the eggs , with the variant of a pretty [by google translate] ...
Bal do Sabre in Castelletto Stura [by google translate]
Cuneo - ​ Castelletto Stura

The Castellettesi and tourists await with trepidation the August heat to admire the twelve lively young people who weave this ancient dance full of archaic symbols and characterized by blades which are intertwined, touching , exchange dangerously...A rhythm of the drum twelve colored ribbons are wrapped around and held a ...
Festival of Torcetto , Toma and Grissino [by google translate]
Torino - ​ Lanzo Torinese

The first weekend of July in Lanzo Torinese is held the Festival of Torcetto of Toma and Grissino and fair of organic products.This nice and tasty event which has been very successful in the recent past has been organized by proloco Lanzo.The streets of the town there are food stands ...
Dance of swordsmen in Giaglione ( Corpus Christi) [by google translate]
Torino - ​ Giaglione

The sword is an extraordinary symbol of [by google translate] ...
International Book Fair of Turin [by google translate]
Torino - ​ Torino

.The appointment with the International Book Fair takes place every year in May at the Lingotto in Turin.A masterpiece of industrial architecture , the famous Fiat factory with the helical ramp and the track on the roof.Designed between 1915 and 1922 and admired by Le Corbusier from 1985 has been ...
Three days for the garden [by google translate]
Torino - ​ Caravino

At Castello di Masino, Caravino (Turin), the appointment with the most comprehensive trade show in the Italian floriculture : a veritable feast of .Three days in the garden, been synonymous with quality and excellence and organized by the FAI , will get Masino over 160 Italian and foreign growers with ...
Runners Race of Oxen in Caresana [by google translate]
Vercelli - ​ Caresana

The Palio of Oxen Runners takes place every year in Caresana the last Sunday of April, for the Feast of S.Giorgio. [by google translate] ...
Begging for eggs in Magliano Alfieri [by google translate]
Cuneo - ​ Magliano Alfieri

If the eggs me on, I sing all the good that you want , but if you give me , that you may...More or less the way it is this, but this traditional country half Lent, here, is taking on a pleasant , colorful and takes place as a great ...
Representation of the Passion in Romagnano Sesia [by google translate]
Novara - ​ Romagnano Sesia

The representation of the Passion of Romagnano Sesia back to the early decades of the eighteenth century , when the village was part of the catholic Spanish rule in Italy. [by google translate] ...
Vacation resort
Residenza Patrizia Cannobio


Verbania - Piedmont
Farm holiday
Cascina Ballarin La Morra

Cascina Ballarin is a family-run farm. In the 1997 the old barn was refurbished to create 4 guest rooms furnished in typical Piedmontese style, with en-suite bathrooms and independent heating. Breakfast ...

Cuneo - Piedmont
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