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Farm holiday
Tenuta Colfiorito Tivoli

Colfiorito Farm is situated a few kilometres from Rome, in the Municipality of Castel Madama, at the exact place where a Roman villa stood two thousand years ago. The ...

Rome - Latium

Holiday house
Borgo Antico Saracinesco

 Panoramic apartments in Residence Saracinesco (Rome) between Tivoli and the valley of Aniene in the Latium countryside The high valley of Aniene is a small shrine of environmental, historical, religious ...

Rome - Latium

Farm holiday
Gli Alberelli Acquapendente

A farmhouse  immersed  in the nature-  Farm holiday Viterbo - swimming pool - solarium - apartments - parking - equitation at 2,5 km After an accurate restructuring of the hamlet Donna ...

Viterbo - Latium

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Feast of Our Lady of the Lily Affile [by google translate]
Roma - ​ Affile

At the shrine of the Madonna del Giglio to Affile ( Rome), the first Sunday of August is celebrated as a feast in memory of a miracle : it is an annual festival in which the small sanctuary is open to the public and the country is filled with tourists ...
Feast of Our Lady of the Snows [by google translate]
Roma - ​ Roma

Every August 5 at the Basilica of Santa Maria Maggiore is back to celebrate Our ​​Lady of the Snows to remember the miracle that took place in the fourth century under the pontificate of Pope Liberius.A shower of white rose petals will fall upon the faithful during the celebration of ...
Wine Fair in Montefiascone [by google translate]
Viterbo - ​ Montefiascone

It was the summer of 1950 when , on the premises of the bar at the beginning of Via Roma Verentana , was organized by the Pro - Montefiascone , the .In the spring, the association president Francesco Gambacorta , had put up a poster urging producers to exhibit their ...
Feast of the Assumption in Tivoli [by google translate]
Roma - ​ Tivoli

On 14 and 15 August is celebrated in Tivoli, near Rome , known as the Feast of the Assumption with bowed. [by google translate] ...
Palio Allumiere [by google translate]
Roma - ​ Allumiere

For Allumiere municipality in the province of Rome, near Civitavecchia, the Sunday after August 15 of each year are celebrating the Palio delle Contrade [by google translate] ...
Fair of Saint John the Baptist [by google translate]
Rieti - ​ Torricella In Sabina

Third edition of the traditional fair of St. John the Baptist took place in Torricella small scales medieval Sabina (Rieti ), many years ago.Starting at 09:00 on Saturday, August 25 , Torricella in Sabina welcome all participants the 2012 edition of the Fair of St. John the Baptist that this ...
Festra Patron of Sant'Egidio [by google translate]
Roma - ​ Canale Monterano

The festival includes children's games , folklore events ( parade in period costumes ) , musical and dancing in the streets.There will also be a rich food stand where you can taste local delicacies.Friday, August 31 : 16:00 Race of Bicycles for Children ; 19:00 Opening Stand Gastronomicoore 21:30 Music ...
Feast of St. Gabriel [by google translate]
Roma - ​ Riano

In Piazza Gran Sasso in Belvedere Riano the usual feast of S.Gabriele in memory of the original patron of the small fraction.There will , as usual, the famous sheep kebabs accompanied by sandwiches, fries , crepes and beer and wine will.Lots of fun with delicious food , evening entertainment , ...
Feast of St. Andrew in Cottingham [by google translate]
Rieti - ​ Cottanello

Strozzapreti are a type of pasta, spread - with some variations - in different areas of central.A Cottingham , on the day that celebrates Saint Andrew ( 30 November ) is celebrated in a tasty patron saint , Andrew the Apostle , distributing to all strozzapreti exquisite dishes served with ...
The Living Nativity of Corchiano [by google translate]
Viterbo - ​ Corchiano

A Corchiano Christmas means first of all Nativity. [by google translate] ...
Befanata in Faleria [by google translate]
Viterbo - ​ Faleria

The Befanata is the song of the Epiphany sung by children and adults.A Faleria is [by google translate] ...
Feast of S.Antonio Abate in Tuscania [by google translate]
Viterbo - ​ Tuscania

Tuscania is a town very beautiful and full of history , which has its roots in pre-Roman times , and deserves careful examination.The feast of S.Antonio Abate is very popular and characteristic and provides [by google translate] ...
Feast of St. Anthony the Abbot in Sutri [by google translate]
Viterbo - ​ Sutri

An ancient feast mentioned already in the fourteenth century was that of Saint Anthony , patron saint of animals , which at the time was based on the country's economy in Sutri , an ancient village in the province of Viterbo.To keep for a whole year the banner of Saint ...
Feast of farmers to Welsh [by google translate]
Viterbo - ​ Gallese

The Feast of farmers in Wales takes place [by google translate] ...
The Race of the Ring of Velletri [by google translate]
Roma - ​ Velletri

The Feast of the Race of the Ring of Velletri [by google translate] ...
The feast of St. Joseph in Itri [by google translate]
Latina - ​ Itri

The feast of St. Joseph, which is traditionally held on March 19 , has in the town of Itri, in Latin , a relief almost mystical and full of symbolism.The festival is celebrated with much force because St. Joseph is the patron saint of carpenters , craft representing considerable importance ...
Feast of the Cookie and Palio of St. Anselm [by google translate]
Viterbo - ​ Bomarzo

From 23 to 25 April the village of Bomarzo celebrates its patron saint with a feast [by google translate] ...
Camping site
Flaminio Village Roma

A few steps from downtown, in the heart of Vejo Natural Park, Flaminio is the first tourist village in Rome with campsite area, bungalow-like rooms and apartments available all year ...

Rome - Latium
Farm holiday
Il Casale Corte Rossa Latina

Il Casale Corte Rossa is a typical farmhouse built in 1929 and recently refurbished to conserve the original traditional characteristics and simplicity. The holiday farm is situated in the heart ...

Latina - Latium
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