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Farm holiday
Masseria Sant'Angelo Corigliano D'Otranto

(59.53 km)

FARM HOLIDAYS IN THE COUNTRY BETWEEN THE TWO SEAS Organic farm The “Masseria Sant'Angelo” lies in an ancient olive grove at Corigliano d'Otranto, a lively village in the heart of ...

Lecce - Apulia

Bed and Breakfast
All' Ombra dei Pini Mola Di Bari

(86.08 km)

Puglia, the land of olive trees the patriarchs of nature, where the countryside is synonymous with tranquillity and healthy living?where no one feels like an outsider? (L. Patruno) Villa All?Ombra dei Pini, ...

Bari - Apulia

Bed and Breakfast
Palazzo Laura Morciano Di Leuca

(93.15 km)

Situated in the very heart of Morciano di Leuca, just a stone's throw from the Romanesque-baroque  mother church and from the medieval castle, is the splendid Laura Palace.Oed position, the ...

Lecce - Apulia

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The cavalcade of Sant'Oronzo is the most anticipated and important festival of Ostuni.Every year on the 25th , 26th and 27th of August are days dedicated to the saint: a parade of horses and riders decked out for the festivities, parades through the streets to escort the patron saint of the city.The origins of the cavalcade were uncertain until a few years ago.It can now be traced back , with a good safety margin, the second half of the seventeenth century, precisely in 1657.The plague invaded the Salento saving and Ostuni town of Otranto.The miracle was attributed to Sant'Oronzo and every August 26th the ostunesi wanted to go in procession to the shrine erected in his honor.There prelevavano the papier-mâché statue representing the saint , and carried on the shoulder in the town square.Often the decorations are handed down from generation to generation as well as the small gestures and essential secrets.The entire family is dedicated to dressing, often helped by relatives and friends.One of the most important decorations , is the beautiful mantle guilloche pattern with hundreds of sequins applied one by one with great patience.The dressing continues with harness and ornaments of various types and sizes.The knight wears the uniform consists of the kepi and a jacket reminiscent of the reasons for the horse's coat and white trousers.The clothing of the rider is also very accurate and reminiscent in some respects, that of the bullfighter.Final details , white gloves , and here's the whip horse and rider become one entity.Our rider with his horse , you start like everyone else , to the point of meeting, Cathedral Square , climbing up on the namesake.Once arrived at the cathedral square , horses and riders wait for the statue of Sant'Oronzo be taken out of the mother church. [by google translate]
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La Loggia Tortora
InYouLife   (207.28 km)

Hotel La Loggia is the right choice for visitors who are looking for a peaceful stay surrounded by a spectacular nature. It is located about 1km from the beautiful Tortora's old town centre, ...

Cosenza - Calabria

Hotel Pietrenere Rodi Garganico
InYouLife   (223.03 km)

Situated in the hearth of the Gargano national park,the Pietrenere hotel,3stars, is surrounded by tipical mediterranean vegetation and has a splendid view over the sea.This modern hotel has 45 very ...

Foggia - Apulia

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