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Bed and Breakfast
Palazzo Laura Morciano Di Leuca

Situated in the very heart of Morciano di Leuca, just a stone's throw from the Romanesque-baroque  mother church and from the medieval castle, is the splendid Laura Palace.Oed position, the ...

Lecce - Apulia

Farm holiday
Masseria Sant'Angelo Corigliano D'Otranto

FARM HOLIDAYS IN THE COUNTRY BETWEEN THE TWO SEAS Organic farm The “Masseria Sant'Angelo” lies in an ancient olive grove at Corigliano d'Otranto, a lively village in the heart of ...

Lecce - Apulia

Hotel Pietrenere Rodi Garganico

Situated in the hearth of the Gargano national park,the Pietrenere hotel,3stars, is surrounded by tipical mediterranean vegetation and has a splendid view over the sea.This modern hotel has 45 very ...

Foggia - Apulia

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Feast of St. Anthony Abbot in Novoli [by google translate]
Lecce - ​ Novoli

The cult of Saint Anthony , patron saint of animals , is rooted in the rural civilization.The Focara digantesca is a pyre of wood shaped like a haystack, on top of which is placed an image of the patron saint and an Italian flag.The bonfire [by google translate] ...
The Focara Novoli [by google translate]
Lecce - ​ Novoli

The event is linked to the cult of the patron saint of Novoli, Saint Anthony , the .Has very ancient roots and attracts many people from all over Italy.Traditional appointments the day before , on January 16 , with the great power of Focara and with the blessing of the ...
Feast of the Transfer switch to Turi [by google translate]
Bari - ​ Turi

Every year on April 25 in Turi is a procession of children , beribboned and accompanied by their godparents, the following picture of the Annunciation.It takes place for three laps around the church of San Rocco and simultaneously a ritual profane, the ' Passe passe in ' : there are ...
Feast of St. Michael the Archangel ( May) [by google translate]
Foggia - ​ Monte Sant'Angelo

San Michele is the home of the Mountain Community of Gargano, at an altitude of 843 ms.the.m., In a wonderful position.Among the ancient caves that surround it, is one which accepts the altar of St. Michael, probably the oldest shrine in Europe , the destination of countless pilgrims and tourists ...
Feast of St. Nicholas in Bari [by google translate]
Bari - ​ Bari

The festival is great and deeply felt , so as to attract crowds of devotees and tourists not only from Bari and Puglia, but also from Abruzzo.The relics of St. Nicholas, smuggled from Turkey in the eleventh century, arrived in Bari by sea, and on the eve of the festival ...
Feast of St. Philip Blacks [by google translate]
Foggia - ​ Roseto Valfortore

San Filippo Blacks, the great friend of the poor and neglected youth of the sixteenth century , is remembered in his habitual gesture to the 'search' of bread , vegetables and everything else was edible , to distribute to his proteges.So it seems that this feature is the basis of ...
Wine Festival in Carosino [by google translate]
Taranto - ​ Carosino

It is a tradition well established in this beautiful little town about 15 km from Taranto, which has an illustrious history of many centuries, under the patronage of Our Lady of Grace.On the occasion of this beautiful festival , the wine flows even with a fountain in the square, and ...
Feast of Our Lady of Sovereto [by google translate]
Bari - ​ Terlizzi

The medieval village of Sovereto, a few miles from Terlizzi , was founded as a result of the discovery of a sacred icon depicting a black Madonna with Child.The celebrations consist of a solemn procession with the triumphal chariot 20 meters high built in the shape of a bell tower ...
Feast of San Donato [by google translate]
Lecce - ​ Montesano Salentino

San Donato is considered the protector of those who suffer from epilepsy.On the occasion of his festival , which is celebrated [by google translate] ...
Cavalcade of Sant'Oronzo [by google translate]
Brindisi - ​ Ostuni

The cavalcade of Sant'Oronzo is the most anticipated and important festival of Ostuni.Every year on the 25th , 26th and 27th of August are days dedicated to the saint: a parade of horses and riders decked out for the festivities, parades through the streets to escort the patron saint of ...
Feast of St. Michael the Archangel ( September) [by google translate]
Foggia - ​ Monte Sant'Angelo

San Michele is the home of the Mountain Community of Gargano, at an altitude of 843 ms.the.m., In a wonderful position.Among the ancient caves that surround it, is one which accepts the altar of St. Michael, probably the oldest shrine in Europe , the destination of countless pilgrims and tourists ...
The festival of Ciccecuotte in Sant'Agata di Puglia [by google translate]
Foggia - ​ Sant'Agata Di Puglia

This friendly festival will harness the ciccecuotte which are a typical dessert of Sant'Agata di Puglia and which is prepared in early November.The whole country is proud of this particular sweet that women of Sant'Agata prepared with passion and pride , the basic ingredients of Ciccecuotte are wheat boiled candy ...
Feast of Our Lady of Madia in Monopoli [by google translate]
Bari - ​ Monopoli

So reads the tradition : an image of the Virgin escaped the sack of Constantinople perpetrated by the Turks in 1117, and on the night of December 16 arrived by sea in Monopoli intact , thanks to a boat of fortune which was set.During the festival the raft, which is ...
Buck , the festival of children's literature [by google translate]
Foggia - ​ Foggia

'Buck' is a national festival dedicated to children's literature in the city of Foggia.The event - whose name was inspired by the star of [by google translate] ...
The Challenge of Barletta [by google translate]
Bari - ​ Barletta

The famous episode of the early '500 , which saw the thirteen Italian knights get the better of the same number in France, is one of those pages of history that remain imprinted in the hearts and minds of children , and that are preserved into adulthood.Many in fact remember ...
Books in the old town [by google translate]
Bari - ​ Bisceglie

With the exhibition .In the past editions have been thousands across the narrow streets and admire the wonders of the charming old town.A treasure in the open, that of the medieval village , made up of views that reflect the way the experience of an ancient and noble seaside town.For ...
CACTUSMANIA Taviano [by google translate]
Lecce - ​ Taviano

Market exhibition of the most beautiful varieties of cacti and succulents from around the world.The event in 2012 is now in its 18 th meeting.You can watch variety of Mexican cacti and yuccas resistant to -20 °, unusual specimens of crested , and more.There will also be numerous private collections ...
Festival of Focaccia [by google translate]
Bari - ​ Binetto

As part of the festivities in honor of the Patron Saint Crescenzio Martyr, Saturday, Aug. 25 at Binegar will host the Festival of focaccia.The event will take place from 21.00, in Piazza Umberto, with a performance of the musical group TNT FUNKY BLUES BAND.The municipality is located in the valley ...
La Notte della Taranta [by google translate]
Lecce - ​ Melpignano

This year the Augustinian Monastery in Melpignano, will offer as a backdrop for La Notte della Taranta , the biggest European festival dedicated to traditional music.A unique event that attracts more than 400.000 spectators , including the traveling festival that is divided between the countries of Greek Salento and Concertone ...
Bed and Breakfast
All' Ombra dei Pini Mola Di Bari

Puglia, the land of olive trees the patriarchs of nature, where the countryside is synonymous with tranquillity and healthy living?where no one feels like an outsider? (L. Patruno) Villa All?Ombra dei Pini, ...

Bari - Apulia
Bed and Breakfast
B&B Pignata Villasimius

A free buffet breakfast is available between 8:00 AM and 10:30 AM. ...

Brindisi - Apulia
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