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Farm holiday
Frassanelle Rovolon

A Veneto villa, situated in the Regwith farm and golf course, situated in the Regional Park of the Euganean Hills close to Venice, Padua, Vicenza and Verona, is renowned for ...

Padua - Veneto

Farm holiday
Casa Aurora Bussolengo

  Casa Aurora is a newly restored rural farmhouse which has adopted a bio architectural atmosphere for those in search of a family environment but at the same time curate and ...

Verona - Veneto

Hotel Terme delle Nazioni Montegrotto Terme

HOTEL MONTEGROTTO TERME - SWIMMING POOL - ROOMS AIR CONDITION - RESTAURANTSurraunded by greenery, at the foot of the Eugean Hills, the Hotel Terme delle Nazioni , wich ...

Padua - Veneto

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Civic Museum of the Missing Villages
Padova - Padova

 In the Museum of the Missing Villages of Padua, at Villa Estense houses an extensive documentation of findings, both the scriptures, both the aerial photo identification of those villages of Lower Padua, who despite having repeatedly taken an interesting role in the geographical area in past, disappeared into the '300-400. ...
Not only Arena in Verona
Verona - Verona

 Located in the Veneto plain, the town of Verona lies on both banks of the Adige river, on whose left side stood the 'Acropolis, then replaced by a medieval castle. Fortified by Theodoric, Verona has important Roman ruins, two of which are still used and famous around the world, ie ...
Padua, historical
Padova - Padova

 Better known perhaps as the city of St. Anthony, Padua is one of the major Italian cities, marked by 3000 years of history. Patavium, since the fourth century before the coming of Christ, became one of the major cities of the 'Roman Empire. There are many remains of that ancient ...
Veneto historical
Venezia - Venezia

 The current Veneto includes, in addition to the capital Venice, the provinces of Verona, Rovigo, Belluno, Vicenza, Padua and Treviso. In Neolithic times, was inhabited by Rezi and Venetians. During the 'Bronze Age spread the piles and the so-called marl, agricultural settlements that stood at the top of mounds of dirt. In ...
Villa Foscarini Rossi
Venezia - Stra

Along the Brenta Riviera, just a few kilometres from Venice, the patricians of the Serenissima found beautiful places for their holidays. Thus, splendid monumental villas sprang up, especially in the 16th century, adorned by works of art and magnificent gardens, as well as elegant and refined architecture.Villa Foscarini Rossi is ...

Venezia - Venezia

The Regiment Infantry Veneto Real is an.The 1st Infantry Regiment Veneto Real wasn.Imagine my surprise when I saw the Infantry Regimentn.itn.The officers of then.The Regiment Infantry Veneto Real is in fact composed ofn.The soldiers and officers of the Regiment Infantryn.The view , looking at these soldiers, it wasn.Seemed to have ...
Farm holiday
Terre Bianche Teolo

VENETO FOR YOU! In the Regional Park of Euganean Hills you can find the farmhouse TERRE BIANCHE. It is sets in a panoramic position, in the paceful and natural area. In the pipeline: ...

Padua - Veneto
Ca Vendramin Verona

Live the history. Quietness and calmness in the historical center of Verona. In the apartments section the full description. ...

Verona - Veneto
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